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    9 Custom Software Development Risks and their Effective Solutions

    Are you looking for an outsourcing custom software development team that can provide quality custom software development services for your project?

    If you are, then you must know that each profession, industry, and sphere has its own risks and challenges that must be considered. Nevertheless, did you ever think that the IT industry is an exception to risks and challenges?

    If you did, you could not be more mistaken!

    Of course, outsourcing custom software development has an array of benefits that can help grow your company and provide you with a competitive advantage. However, it also has some risks to it.

    But not to worry, they can be mitigated as well!

    Risks of Custom Software Development Services and How to Mitigate Them

    Here is a list of the risks associated with custom software development services, as well as tips for mitigating them:

    Error in Project Scope of the Custom Support Software Solutions

    The scope is a significant aspect of the project. This aspect determines how much work needs to be done and what features and functionalities need to be developed for the software application.

    If the scope of your project is not well-defined, it puts a risk of your software not functioning properly. A lack of clarity in defining the scope of the project could lead to the failure of your software application and provide a poor user experience with it.

    Solution: Collaborating with a custom software development company can help you clearly define the project scope with their aid and understand what functions will be carried out in the development process.

    Here are some key things to note when you work with a custom software development company:

    • The approach should be collaborative, with opportunities for feedback from both you and the development team.
    • Define the primary scope of your product so that developers can offer ideas and suggestions on how to accomplish it.
    • Before drafting a specification document, consider what is achievable and what is impossible, given your budget.
    • You can also check with the developers to see if there is a better solution.

    Not Collaborating with the Right People

    Working with an outsourcing custom software development team can be risky if you fail to identify the skills and expertise required for your software application by them.

    A lack of transparency or miscommunication could cause significant inefficiencies, delays, or budget overruns. It is, in fact, one of the most critical problems in software development. You can end up investing more than the agreed-upon sum.

    Solution: If you are not sure how to choose the right team of IT experts, consider these factors:

    • Ascertain the issues that need fixing and make a list of all your goals and requirements.
    • Compare all the different teams available before fixating on one.
    • Seek clarification about their process of software development, testing approach, and past projects.
    • Do not fail to ask for references from previous clients with whom they have collaborated.
    • Communicate with possible workforces to ensure they are capable of resolving your problems.

    Lack of Transparency when Outsourcing Custom Software Development

    Several organizations hire a team of IT experts and then send them a set of project information without reviewing if they have all the information needed. As a result, deliveries are delayed, extra costs are incurred, and quality is compromised.

    In severe circumstances, the development process could be suspended if the custom software development company is unable to deliver what you desire in the final product.

    Solution: Every software development requires a clear channel of communication between both partners, which must be maintained throughout the project’s progress. You can do this by:
    Creating a shared repository where both parties can share assignments and deadlines

    • Arranging regular video and voice conferences to discuss the project’s progress
    • Maintaining a record of all activities in order to monitor progress and assess ways to solve problems
    • Calling your sales representative or project manager to figure out if there is an issue with the team they work with

    Choosing the Wrong Technology for Custom Software Development 

    Using incompatible or out-of-date technologies or programming languages might increase costs and hinder the productivity of your software application.

    And you might not even get the desired output at the end of the project development process. Therefore, choosing the appropriate technologies is critical, as it may make or break your project.


    • Before exploring the many alternatives for designing and developing a software application, establish your primary needs.
    • Avoid relying on out-of-date tools simply because the software development staff is familiar with them.
    • Make sure you can collaborate with a skilled and experienced team of IT specialists who can work with newer tools and languages as well.

    Not Using Agile Software Development Method

    Using the agile technique emphasizes continuous improvement and attaining reliable and predictable outcomes. It functions in the opposite direction of the conventional approach of developing software application first and testing it later.

    The agile method enables you to enhance your problem-solving capabilities, keep up with market demands, and complete projects on time.


    • Hire expert IT professionals trained professionally in agile software development or have expertise in working with it.
    • Ensure that your team of IT professionals uses efficient methods and tools to prioritize your project-related tasks and activities.
    • Collaborate with a custom software development company that is willing to share project development details with you at every step of the process.

    Not Testing the Software Application

    There is a possibility that users might face problems with your software application if you do not test the final product. As a result, your app might receive negative feedback and comments on numerous review sites and social media platforms.


    • You should always test your software application product before handing it over to software developers.
    • You must use various tools and techniques for testing, such as beta testing or focus groups, to improve the overall quality of the software application.
    • You can use web conferences to exchange views and feedback with the software application developing workforces on project details.
    • You must also take responsibility at your end to ensure the quality of your software application.

    Unspecified Time Frame

    If time frames are not discussed up-front, it could result in missed task deadlines and you might not be able to launch your software application when it is time to. If that happens, it can jeopardize your credibility in the IT industry and result in revenue loss.


    Discuss the project timeframe with your outsourcing custom software development company to determine deadlines for every task and deliverables.

    Include all aspects of software application development, from design to testing phases, in this timeline.

    Instead of waiting for end-of-project updates, ensure that your IT team of specialists provides you with weekly or monthly updates.

    Not Negotiating the Rates with the Custom Software Development CompanyNot Negotiating the Rates with the Custom Software Development Company

    Before starting the project, you must negotiate the rates of everything that goes into building your project with your custom software development company.If you fail to negotiate beforehand, you could end up paying more than required for making changes in your software application during the development process. This is common when both partners do not agree on fixed rates before beginning the project.

    Solution: You can eliminate all the hassles and disagreements if you:

    • Discuss the project’s rates ahead of starting the project.
    • Verify that your custom software development firm is capable of handling the many services you need to outsource for your software application development process.
    • Build a transparent communication structure in which both partners exchange updates on a regular basis.

    Not Collaborating with a Custom Software Development Company of Repute

    It is quite a common mistake to collaborate with a custom software development company with cheap rates for outsourcing custom software development projects.

    Are you wondering why?

    It is because you can’t always predict the results or measure the performance of your company just considering the rates. Therefore, you must hire a reliable custom software development company with years of experience and expertise in the IT industry.

    Solution: Before choosing a company that provides custom support software solutions, you should always research and learn about rival organizations in the IT sector.

    This is necessary because companies of repute might not always offer the cheapest rates. However, they are more reliable when it comes to:

    • Meeting goals
    • Meeting deadlines
    • Providing services of the highest quality
    • Managing your software application project in a timely manner

    Now that you are aware how you can beat the challenges that come with custom software, let’s lead you to a custom software development company of repute to help you reach your goals faster.

    How Can Integrative Systems Help Fight the Risks?

    With over a couple of decades of industry experience and expertise, Integrative systems has successfully helped deliver over 1150 projects for clients from all around the world.

    We can do the same for you with utmost reliability, security, flexibility, and scalability.

    Along with our top-notch customer services, we also offer:

    • Application modernization
    • Application integration
    • Strategic consulting
    • ERP customization

    Contact us with your details so that we can get on to discuss your project goals and requirements at the earliest.

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