How these Power BI Features Can Help Derive Business Intelligence?

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    Microsoft Power BI Features and Benefits You Can’t Overlook

    Microsoft’s Power BI is a highly popular business analytics software used by multiple organizations globally. It can help you to extract valuable insights and visualize data effectively.

    Being a professional business intelligence tool, you can avail of great Power BI benefits to streamline your operations and analyze business data.

    Even if you have experience creating business reports and charts using Excel, it becomes easier to use Power BI features and unlock true business potential.

    But most business management teams are unaware of the Power BI benefits and features and can’t utilize the tool’s maximum potential.

    That’s why we compiled a list of detailed benefits and features to help you understand the capabilities of a professional data visualization tool.

    So, without further ado, let’s get the learning started. But before we discuss the Power BI features and benefits, let’s understand why data analytics and business intelligence are important for your business.

    Why Are Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Important?

    Data analytics and business intelligence are effective data management solutions implemented in enterprises and companies to collect and represent data using sophisticated software and statistics for analysis for improved decision-making.

    Data analytics can help businesses turn large, unstructured data into a meaningful structure and relationship set. It enables your business to make timely and effective decisions to channel your business growth and success.

    Data analytics transforms raw data into valuable information, and Power BI is a great tool to streamline your data processing and management.

    Not adapting to data analytics would cause not being able to identify relationships or patterns from raw data.

    Power BI Benefits for Your Organization

    Multiple businesses want to gain reporting and analytics power to boost their data analytics strategies. Microsoft Power BI can help your business to go beyond the Excel capabilities and reach the next level of business intelligence.

    Power BI benefits can help you scrutinize, assemble, and visualize company data to gain better insights into your business operations and performance. The data analytics software enables professionals to make effective decisions using different metrics for better results.

    Power BI benefits

    Here are the top Power BI benefits you can’t miss out on:

    1. Handle large business data

    Power BI benefits for organizations with large data sets are immense. It can handle huge datasets, process them, and convert them into meaningful insights your business management team can understand for better decision-making.

    Other data intelligence and business analytics software struggle to handle the large data inputs and deliver disorganized results to hinder your outputs.

    Microsoft’s Power BI helps organizations to create bars, charts, and other data representation formats for a detailed and better understanding of the datasets.

    2. Provides the power of machine learning

    Microsoft Power BI allows organizations to explore the power of intelligence and machine learning. It offers multiple data analysis features and lets you pinpoint valuable trends for better and more accurate predictions.

    It can adjust your raw business data to help the business analyst understand the data insights and use it for business success.

    You can use different features that deliver instant results because of machine learning capabilities integrated into the software.

    3. Access powerful templates

    Power BI provides users with powerful and effective templates to visualize the information to extract more value from the organization’s data. You can also work on the white plane space, use existing templates, or load your dataset into different representations to create well-vetted Power BI reports.

    The data analytics tool lets you edit your reports’ text, image, size, and elements using powerful features and creates the most intuitive and clear reports from your datasets.

    4. Great protection from external intrusions

    You can protect your Power BI reports dashboards and datasets using the reliable protection provided by the data analytics tool. Share your Power BI reports across your organization or in the outer circles of your organization. It can stay protected from different threats and attacks in the digital world.

    You can export your Power BI reports to different file formats like PowerPoint, PDF, Excel, etc., without compromising the security of the files.

    5. Great support

    Power BI provides good assistance in making data-driven plans and decisions, as it offers 500+ free connectors for its users. You can connect and communicate with hundreds of cloud data sources and on-premise sources like Azure SQL Database, Excel, Salesforce, SharePoint, and Dynamics 365.

    Microsoft also offers partner businesses to provide consulting services and knowledge to help you with a better report-creating process and management.

    It also offers a robust support network, community forums, and other support resources to streamline your reporting process and achieve better business outcomes.

    6. User-friendly interface

    Power BI tool offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface to enable the users to navigate different functionalities and use the wide range of features available.

    You can handle the complexities and don’t require in-depth technical knowledge to handle the basic features of the software to streamline your business operations.

    A simple report-making process can deliver the best-tailored reports for the available business datasets. The data intelligence tool channels the data analyst team to understand valuable insights.

    7. Effective collaboration

    You can use the benefits of Power BI Pro to collaborate with other Power BI users and improve your data analytics and business intelligence process.

    One of the powerful Power BI Pro benefits is the coloration features that separate it from the Power BI desktop. You can distribute reports and visualization to multiple other Power BI subscribers to ensure data analysis for making informed decisions.

    Power BI Pro enables users to embed Power BI visuals for multiple Power BI apps, integrate with leading Microsoft solutions and data, and share dashboards and reports with other Power BI users to create different workspaces.

    You can also collaborate on different reports and enable peer-to-peer sharing. The Power BI Pro can also help you share published reports and dashboards outside your business environment with users who have the certified license of the tool.

    These benefits can skyrocket your business growth and streamline the data analytics workflow. Now let’s check the effective Power BI features.

    power bi features

    Power BI Features You Can Use

    The quick and reliable data analytics tool offers great features to help you optimize your business operations and minimize the hassles. Here are the top key features you can use.

    1. A quick start

    You can get insights because of the uncomplicated setup of the software to increase its efficiency and easy usability. You don’t require prior training to access multiple features of the software. Basic knowledge of using Excel can be effective and assist you with optimum use of Power BI.

    You can also access the dashboards of different services like Google Analytics, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce.

    2. Streamlined publication and distribution

    Data analysts or professionals can upload the created visualizations and reports in the Power BI Service without emailing or putting the large files in the shared drive.

    If the user changes, the data can be updated easily, and there will be no requirement for uploading or changing the reports.

    3. Real-time information

    The updates in Power BI happen in real time once the data is pushed in or streamed. The real-time update feature lets users quickly solve problems and identify new opportunities.

    Reports or dashboards can update and display real-time visual and data changes, enhancing the Power BI report quality.

    Multiple streaming data sources, like factory sensors, social media, or other time-sensitive data sources, can be collected and transmitted in real-time.

    4. Customization of reports

    Microsoft Power BI offers different editing features to assist you in building and customizing your Power BI reports from scratch.

    You can create intuitive reports to help the viewers quickly understand the relationship between multiple data points and filter out valuable insights or trends to help solve the problem.

    You can modify and share your Power BI reports to achieve your desired business outcome and extract the best results from the well-vetted reporting system.

    5. Integration of advanced technologies like AI and ML

    Microsoft Power BI can access image recognition and text analytics, integrate seamlessly with Azure Machine Learning, and create different machine learning models to help the user make the most of the advanced technologies.

    You can unlock great data visualization and analytics results to achieve new business heights and streamline your operations.

    6. Cortana integration

    Power BI can coordinate with Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana, and provides users to ask queries in natural language to access charts and graphs. The feature is highly beneficial if you use a mobile device to minimize the time and effort and ensure you unlock the best data analytics results.

    7. Security feature customization

    During your report creation, you can set up row-level security (RLS) access filters in the Power BI tools to ensure the viewers can only view the relevant data.

    It minimizes the risk of people viewing confidential data only for the higher management authorities. You can also limit viewing access to selected individuals to ensure no third-party involvement.

    8. Analyze your datasets in Excel

    Excel is the world’s number one data analysis tool. You might require an Excel export of the data displayed in dashboards and reports.

    You can utilize the Power BI pro benefits to get flexibility while maintaining the integrity of the connected reporting environment.

    Microsoft released Analysis in Excel, where Excel is connected to your underlying Power BI data. You can perform tabular and ad hoc reporting. You can also create PivotTables in Excel and use the familiar experience to edit your data, referencing the same datasets used in Power BI reports.

    You can get the latest data from Power BI datasets by freshening up the Excel connection. The ease of access can be a game changer for your organization if you are stuck between two platforms.

    9. Source and transform data with Power Query

    Power BI can help you easily import and transform data from different sources using Power Query if you struggle to pivot, join, and filter your data. It is designed to be a low/no-code data analysis tool, so analysts without programming or SQL knowledge can transform, manipulate, and join their data with a simple and easy-to-use interface.

    Connect to databases or files, choose from multiple pre-built SaaS connectors or connect to the cloud and on-premises databases like SQL Server, Redshift, BigQuery, and Snowflake.

    10. Reuse datasets in different reports and dashboards

    Aligning a single version of the truth across different reports can be challenging and may often end with inconsistent definitions of KPIs and metrics. But Power BI can define measures in a data model and re-use the calculations across different connected reports.

    By keeping your KPS calculations in a central dataset, you can ensure “Sales Revenue” and “Gross Profit” return the same numbers, irrespective of which report you’re viewing.

    It differentiates Power BI from other data visualization tools that define KPIs in each report separately.

    These Microsoft Power BI features can help you improve the data representation and analytics task to boost your business operations and handle different business difficulties.

    But you need professional help and support to help you achieve the desired outcomes of Power BI.

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