7 Top Reasons You Need Power BI Support Services

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    Looking for a Power BI Development Service Provider?

    Are you looking for professional Power BI development solutions?

    Do you need clarification about hiring an in-house certified Power BI developer or a third-party Power BI development partner?

    Well, before you make a final decision, there are many things you must be aware of about aspects to look out for before hiring Power BI services.

    From understanding different forms of Power BI services to learning about the challenges it can solve, let’s understand every aspect one by one.

    What Is Power BI?

    Microsoft states that Power BI is a powerful business intelligence tool enabling non-technical users to aggregate, analyze, visualize, and share datasets. The overall Power BI solutions offer multiple services and products that can solve your data visualization challenges.

    Although the intuitive UI/UX makes it easier for the users to explore different functionalities, you still require professionals working for you to get the best Power BI solutions.


    Because exploring Power BI to the maximum potential requires an in-depth understanding and experience.

    Different Power BI Versions

    Different Power BI Versions

    Depending on the overall data visualization and analytics requirements, you can use Power BI’s free version or purchase the premium version.

    Let’s understand the nitty-gritty aspects of Power BI versions that can deliver different results and functionalities.

    1. Power BI Desktop

    Using the Power BI desktop, you can create charts and graphs, model, and transform different datasets, connect to the datasets, create intuitive dashboards, and share the reports using different Power BI services.

    The self-service report authority tool can transform the information into intuitive and engaging visuals. It can help you connect over 70 cloud data and on-premises sources.

    2. Power BI Report Server

    Report Server is an on-premise physical server used to create and view reports in Power BI Desktop or Pro. You can view different reports on a web browser, email, or mobile device.

    If you have restrictions on cloud usage, then using Report Server can be great for you to access and view different reports.

    3. Power BI Pro

    Microsoft Power BI Pro is a professional tool to help you distribute reports and visualizations across the organization to other Power BI subscribers.

    The major difference between Power BI Desktop and Pro is that it streamlines the collaboration and strengthens your data visualization and analytics ecosystem. You can embed Power BI visuals for different Power BI apps, share Power BI dashboard development, integrate with other Microsoft solutions, etc.

    The pro version of the tool allows peer-to-peer sharing to communicate with people outside your business ecosystem having the tool’s license. You can share your reports and minimize friction to achieve desired business results.

    4. Power BI Premium

    The premium version of the software offers the space and capacity in the Microsoft cloud to help you manage and share your reports.

    You can get the dedicated capacity based on the number of users, capacity, or factors like scale-up or down. Also, you can share or publish dashboards and reports to individuals without the license.

    You get better performance and scalability to ensure you achieve your desired results in a less time.

    5. Power BI Mobile

    You can use Power BI mobile applications on iOS, Android, and Windows 10. The overall platform is simple and easy to use, which can help different access reports quickly. You can interact and quickly edit views or manage different reports and dashboards.

    Use the collaboration features to increase your effectiveness and ensure you can unlock better business numbers utilizing the reports generated by Power BI.

    6. Power BI Embedded

    It connects Microsoft Power BI reports and dashboards to applications using the Power BI Embedded. Make your desired amendments and create a robust ecosystem for better business results.

    Now that you understand the features of different Power BI versions, it’s time to understand the reasons to use Power BI for your organization.

    Reasons to Use Power BI

    Being an organization, you can utilize Power BI for great reporting and analytics power. It can also help you strengthen your data analysis approach. You can use Power BI to bypass Excel’s capabilities and explore new heights of business intelligence.

    You can assemble, visualize, and scrutinize data once you integrate Power BI into your ecosystem.

    And that’s still not it.

    Here are 7 reasons to use Power BI:

    1. Easy management

    From setup to usage, it’s simple and smooth to use Power BI and to explore its potential for managing your data analytics and visualization requirements. Your team doesn’t require complex and rigorous training to make the most of the software.

    You also get included dashboards to access services like Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Microsoft Dynamics.

    2. Simple distribution and collaboration

    Power BI removes the hassles of managing large files on emails and sharing them across different organizational touchpoints. You can easily upload reports and essential visualizations to the Power BI service, which can help you minimize the complexity of distribution and collaboration.

    It offers a robust ecosystem and multiple versions that offer different capabilities of sharing Power BI reports internally and externally to achieve desired results.

    3. Real-time updates

    The intuitive and engaging ecosystem offered by Power BI enables you to access real-time updated information. The data is streamed or pushed in, enabling you to quickly solve problems and identify opportunities.

    Even if you hire third-party service providers for Power BI support, you can quickly check the reports to maintain complete transparency. Any dashboard or report created on Power BI can update and display real-time data and visuals.

    4. Utilize artificial intelligence

    Text analytics and image recognition can help improve reporting and visual appeal for better decision-making. Power BI offers the capability to create machine learning models and increase the effectiveness of data visualization.

    You can also integrate it with Azure Machine Learning to increase effectiveness and explore the software’s AI potential.

    5. Cortana integration

    Power BI works great with Cortana. It is a Microsoft digital assistant that lets you verbally interact and get answers to queries. Using your mobile device, you can quickly access different charts, reports, or graphs by asking questions in your natural language.

    It can minimize the time and effort to increase effectiveness and adapt to modern technological advancements.

    6. Powerful security features

    You can also set up row-level security access filters to minimize access and strengthen security. You can ensure that the viewer can only view relevant data, and the risk of sensitive data loss can be minimal.

    You can export your reports and dashboard in PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF formats without threats or attacks from unwanted sources.

    7. Excellent customizations

    Power BI also offers multiple customization capabilities besides using a wide range of templates to visualize your information in an intuitive manner that can enhance the representation.

    With exclusive features ideal for handling large data sets, it gets easier to organize raw data based on your preferences.

    But to avail of these Power BI benefits, you require a professional team, and we recommend you outsource to professionals rather than build your in-house team.

    Why Choose us as your Power BI Development Partner?

    Power BI Development Partner

    1. Robust and quick analytics results

    Your business requires a team with in-depth data analytics background experience to explore the maximum potential of Power BI. A professional Power BI consulting firm can provide the extra edge to extract important data sets. You can fill the gap by using the advanced analytics features of Power BI and maximizing business potential.

    A renowned agency can also offer knowledge and use cases of open-source programming languages like Python and R to maximize your potential. You can bring more agile analytics with a dedicated third-party agency than by hiring in-house recruits.

    2. Domain experience

    A professional Power BI development solution provider agency has stronger domain authority and skills than new in-house recruits. With experience and knowledge, a professional Power BI consulting firm can help you understand your business’s requirements in-depth to implement the ideal BI solutions for your organization.

    With multiple individuals involved, you can solve a problem effectively without experiencing a bottleneck for your business. You can also structure your business data by checking nitty-gritty elements that can enhance the quality of business reporting.

    3. Effective reporting

    The Power BI development solution providers can help you improve your reporting results and use their creativity to achieve your desired results.

    Although your in-house recruits can deliver you decent reporting results, the chances of errors and ineffectiveness are higher and can cost your business a lot.

    An experienced team of data analysts, strategists, and other experienced professionals in a third-party agency can help you regularly implement all the new features added to Power BI.

    You can make an informed decision using the effective reporting process to stand out and transform your existing operations and results.

    4. Easy scalability and flexibility

    A professional team at a third-party agency can help you with scalability and offer flexibility to a great extent. Your business will also benefit from the vast resources and expertise a Power BI consulting firm offers.

    Apart from the implementation, you can also get great consultation services in business analytics, data modeling, and data development.

    5. Professionalism

    The professionalism a third-party agency can deliver you is great compared to a new professional you’ll hire. The professional approach can help you minimize the friction and ensure you unlock better business outcomes and streamlining your data can improve your business decision-making.

    6. Zero bottlenecks in problem-solving

    A professional agency has a reputation at stake, so you’ll rarely have a poor experience completing your Power BI requirements.

    With an in-house team, your team may need to be more effective in solving the problem within a specific time because of inexperience or no skin in the game.

    It can create bottleneck issues with your business operations and may cause you to lose a big business opportunity. But with a wider horizon to tackle Power BI issues, a professional agency can help you improve your results and ensure you get the data you need that might help unlock great business potential.

    7. Save time and effort in hiring

    You don’t need to hire raw talent and spend thousands of dollars on their training to boost your overall business efficiency and productivity. Hiring a professional agency can help you get results quicker and minimize the investment for improving your Power BI output.

    Now that you understand why choosing a Power BI development solution provider is important, let’s understand how to choose a good agency.

    How to Choose the Best Power BI Development Partner?

    Choosing the best can be time-consuming and hectic, but it’s important to find the best agency for managing your Power BI. Its alright even if its not us, you need these for your perusal.

    1. Understand your requirements

    From end-to-end management to consulting, you must know the services you want to avail from a third-party agency. It can help you set up a specific budget and assist you in the filtration process.

    2. Compare the prices

    You must compare the prices of different agencies to improve your decision. Ask for tailored quotes based on your requirements, which can help you achieve your desired business results cost-effectively.

    3. Understand the agency’s reputation

    Go through multiple testimonials, review websites, and interact with existing customers of the agencies you have shortlisted. It can give a transparent image of the organization and ensure you associate with the best in the industry.

    4. Setup the terms and conditions

    Before finalizing the association, ensure you finalize the terms and conditions beforehand to maintain complete transparency and avoid future hiccups.

    These steps can help you make an informed association decision to utilize the Power BI potential. But to bypass the search hassles, you can choose us as your trusted Power BI solution provider. But who are we?

    For all your Power BI Development Needs

    We at Integrative Systems can help you with tailored Power BI solutions for achieving desired business results.

    Being a leading Power BI development service provider in the country, we understand your business requirements and needs.

    Get started with our Power BI reporting and connect with our expert Power BI consulting team. Contact our experts at [email protected].

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