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RPG Programming: Proven platform for transaction processing and modern software applications

RPG is a high-level fully procedural programming language used by businesses to create commercial business applications on IBM’s leading minicomputer system, the AS/400 or iSeries. RPG has gained wide acceptance and has evolved massively since its inception. Today several ERP’s and mission critical business applications, are written in RPG based on RPG IV, because it is enabled to provide an interactive programming environment to AS400 RPG Programmers. With state-of-the-art security features and seamless integration with IoT and Watson AI; IBMi is the platform of choice for secure and data heavy business applications.

RPG has a very rich legacy and it is known to be one of the finest high level programming languages. Let us share a glimpse into the journey of RPG from a report generator tool to an ILE compatible programming language.

In 1960’s, RPG was upgraded to RPG II following the development of the IBM System/3. One of the most noteworthy aspect was the fixed format programming offered by RPG II. This meant code was written in fixed format in order to standardize the software creation process and generate the desired output.

RPGIII: It was mainly developed for System38 and its following versions. RPGIII is an enhanced version over RPG II and incorporated features to support new software development structures such as iterative loops and subroutines. Further, it also allowed programmers to code in with or without the logic cycle, using indicators or IF statements. The RPG III compiler lives on to this day in AS/400 and iSeries as the RPG/400 compiler.


When IBM announced the launch of the AS/400 system, IBM changed the names of most of its software tools and compilers to identify the product with the AS/400, differentiating it from the System/38 or System/36 hardware platforms. Thus, the RPG/400 compiler package was included with the AS400 platform.

RPGIV/RPGLE: It was launched in 1994 and incorporated several features to make it competitive to meet modern software development requirements. RPGIV included many functional, performance, maintenance, and productivity benefits. Its ability to integrate multiple language, free-format expressions and definition specifications provides many of the benefits of object-oriented languages.

Some of the noteworthy features of RPG1V are

  • Longer field names
  • Source level debugging
  • Date and time support
  • Additional data types (floating point, boolean, pointers)
  • Free-format expressions
  • Built in functions
  • Case tolerance
  • ILE competency

The ILE competency of RPG has opened several new avenues for RPG programmers.

Role of AS400 RPG Programmers

RPG Programmers are specially trained and their knowledge is used to develop AS400/iSeries software programs and applications. AS400 Service providers employ RPG programmers for designing new solutions to automate existing business processes or enhance existing software applications.

In case you are looking for skilled and experienced RPG programmers, look no further, Integrative Systems is here to help you create highly effective and maintainable RPG applications using the latest techniques.

Learn how we have helped our clients with RPG Programming.

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