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    How AS400 RPG Programming Is the Best Tool for Modern Application Development?

    Do you use IBM iSeries in your organization?

    Are you looking to develop modern applications that can help your company grow?

    If yes is your answer, then RPG programming has got you covered.

    RPG or Report Program Generator is a procedural, high-level programming language that you can use for your enterprise to create seamless applications on the as400 series or IBM i ecosystem.

    Most top businesses globally use RPG programming in as400 to develop mission-critical corporate applications to achieve their business goals.

    It helps create solid and intuitive applications and helps the as400 RPG programmers work in a professional programming environment to deliver better results.

    RPG programming is a programming asset that can help you level up your business applications and give your desired results.

    But why should you choose RPG over others?

    How can you find the best RPG programmers for your as400 IBM minicomputer system?

    Are there professionals who can tackle upgrading, integration, security, and customization issues with as400 RPG?

    Then don’t worry, you’ve landed on the right article!

    With our expertise in IBM iSeries systems and development, we have covered all the basics you need to understand RPG programming before integrating it into your business environment.

    So, without further ado, let’s get the learning started.

    Why Choose as400 RPG Programming Over Others?

    We have been talking so highly about RPG programming; you might have a question in your mind, how can it be better than PHP or Java for all the application development processes?

    You are right on target.

    Let’s understand the why behind it:

    • When you use Java through WebSphere, it requires more hardware compared to RPG language, thus minimizing your maintenance and installation expenses.
    • It provides one of the most interactive programming ecosystems and becomes easier to manage, upgrade, and integrate.
    • It becomes easier to work in as400 with RPG. If you face any difficulties in the future with modern RPG, you just need to upgrade it.
    • SMEs and other organizations don’t require fancy additional functionalities with PHP/WebSphere.

    These are some highlighting features that help lean towards RPG programming to develop commercial business applications over other languages.

    Now that you know why RPG language stands out, you need professional RPG developers to handle your application development requirements.

    But which key skills should you keep in mind when hiring an as400 RPG programmer? Let’s find out.

    What to Look in as400 RPG Programmers?

    Knowledge of New as400 RPG Language

    IBM has updated its operating systems and codes over the past decades. Similarly, the RPG codes have also been modified over the years. From having a rigid structure in the initial years, RPG has transformed to the latest RPG ILE.

    Your developers should have adapted to the transition and can work in the latest RPG environment to develop the best business applications for your company.

    If they don’t work with the latest RPG version, they won’t use all the improved functionalities to deliver the application to match your expectations.

    Practical Experience

    Practical experience is one of the top-rated aspects of looking for RPG programmers to glimpse their knowledge and skills in the development industry.

    With experience behind their back, you know that your RPG programmer has transformed their skill set with the upgrades in the RPG codes.

    It will help you understand that your developers are inflexible and adaptive to the changing landscape of the programming world.

    You ask for all the previous RPG-related projects the programmer has managed to understand the developer’s technical depth, quality delivered, and creativity. It’s a great point to understand the in-depth skills and hands-on experience a programmer has with as400 RPG.


    Apart from the hard skills, you need to look for some soft skills in a developer to solve complex problems with unique and simplified solutions. Having a creative RPG developer will help you craft the best business-oriented applications with finesse.

    You can even put in some of your complex company problems, and a creative programmer will come up with the ideal solution that can help you create RPG applications for your IBM landscape.

    Having a creative team member will help you explore the new components of RPG programming for your business benefit. You onboard a future team leader to find a creative RPG developer for your future projects.

    Great Communication

    Having great communication is another important soft skill for a professional RPG programmer you are about to hire. Whether the RPG programmer is equipped with professional technical skills, but if they don’t know how to communicate seamlessly with your team and clients, you don’t hire them.

    It would be best to have an excellent communicator who can paint complex RPG codes in the most subtle way for your non-technical associates.

    This will help you understand all the project progress and keep up with all the macro and micro application developments.

    These are some of the top skills you should look for in an as400 RPG programmer to extract the best-desired business applications.

    But if you want to escape the hurdles of hiring and spotting the right fit for your RPG-based projects, we got you covered.

    Why Choose Integrative Systems for Developing An as400 RPG-based Applications?

    Most of the companies based on IBMi can create intuitive solutions and boost their capabilities with RPG programming. If you are one of those companies, you need top talent to back your development process.

    Integrative Systems has a team of talented and professional RPG programmers who are inherited with all the top skills you need in an RPG programmer to deliver exceptional business-oriented applications.

    We help companies resolve IT-related issues in their organization to ensure uninterrupted IT operations to achieve their business goals.

    We demonstrate proper utilization of the IT budget allocated with positive ROI to their management and ensure they get the best user experience during the entire project development.

    That’s not it.

    Here are some additional benefits we offer for your company:

    Agile Response to RPG Roadblocks

    Our RPG programmers have in-depth knowledge of the field and will aim to put their heart and soul into delivering the most desirable results for your company. We’ll manage all your queries related to RPG programming or any other problem with your IBM iSeries infrastructure and systems. Our customer support services will help you get all your doubts sorted with ease.


    There will be no fixed price brackets for every project requirement. We offer highly customizable development rates, and we aim to deliver the highest-quality results within your budget.


    If you want to completely outsource your iSeries requirements or want us to manage a single project, we can handle and deliver desired results for projects of any stature. There are no restrictions when it comes to the flexibility of our RPG programming team.

    Complete iSeries as400 Solutions

    With Integrative Systems, you get 360° solutions related to IBM iSeries as400. You escape all the hassles from consulting different agencies for different solutions. We offer complete iSeries as400 solutions for your enterprise, from implementation to management.

    Top-notch iSeries as400 Consultancy

    Being one of the leading RPG programmers in the industry, we have 20 years of combined experience managing and delivering customized solutions to clients worldwide. So there are no second thoughts about the quality and effectiveness of our services and consultancy.

    Still thinking?

    Let’s get in touch. Our experts will help you clear all your doubts and queries.

    Experience the best as400 RPG application development service in the States by hiring as400 RSP programmers from Integrative Systems.

    Would you please get in touch at

    Frequently Asked Questions About RPG AS400

    Q. Is outsourcing as400 RPG programming requirements the best option to choose over hiring professionals?

    Yes, according to us, it is. Being a result-oriented decision-maker, you need the best and agile solutions for your company. Looking out for ideal RPG programmers can be a long-term task, and it requires your time, energy, and capital. Outsourcing your requirements to an agency will help you escape all the headaches involved in the hiring process, and you get a team of RPG programmers with a great track record.

    Q. Is as400 RPG programming dead?

    No, it is not. Although RPG programming has evolved over the past few decades, it is still one of the top high-level languages, like PL/I and COBOL. There is just a fuzz in the industry, maybe because of multiple versions of the language due to rapid evolution compared to other coding languages. But still, RPG programming is the primary language used to develop intuitive applications for companies based on IBM iSeries.

    Q. Why is it hard to find talented RPG programmers?

    There can be many reasons why it has become hard to find the right talented RPG programmers nowadays for companies, as due to multiple changes in the platform, it becomes hard to keep up with all the changes for most RPG programmers.

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