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    Leveraging AS400 RPG Programming for Modern Apps Development

    Do you use IBM iSeries in your organization?

    Are you looking to embrace innovative features and develop modern applications that can help your business thrive in the modern landscape?

    Thinking what programming language should you be relying upon?

    AS400 RPG programming language has got it all that you need!

    RPG or Report Program Generator is a procedural, high-level programming language. developed by IBM in 1959, which you can use for your enterprise to develop seamless applications on the AS 400 series or IBM i ecosystem.

    We know what you are thinking – ”Wait, is RPG still out there? I thought IBM put an end to it a while ago.”

    Well, not really.

    It may not be as glamorous as other modern languages such as JavaScript or Python, but the top tech leaders globally continue using RPG language in AS400 (Application System/400) to develop mission-critical corporate applications to achieve their business goals.

    The applications need maintenance, upgrades, and modernization.

    Hence, RPG programming languages are intricately tied to the ongoing life cycle of AS400 applications.

    The CIOs and CEOs leverage RPG programming to create solid and intuitive applications and take the help of the AS400 RPG programmers to work in a professional programming environment to generate better results and improved ROI.

    In a nutshell, the programming language RPG is a programming asset that helps you level up your business applications and give your desired results.

    We know what you are thinking –

    • RPG is great but why should I prefer RPG language over other modern languages?
    • With the talent shortage, how do I find the best RPG programmers for my AS400 IBM minicomputer system?
    • Are there capable RPG developers who can tackle upgrading, integration, security, modernization, and customization challenges leveraging the ibm RPG programming language?

    If yes, sit back and relax, you’ve landed on the right resource!With our 25+ years of expertise in IBM iSeries systems and development, we have covered all the basics you need to understand RPG programming before integrating it into your business environment.

    Connect with Us!

    So, without further ado, let’s get the learning started.

    First things first, Why Is It Wise to Choose AS400 RPG Programming Over Others?

    We have been talking so highly about the programming language RPG; you might have a question in your mind, how can it be better than PHP or JavaScipt for all the modern application development languages?

    Your question has merit.

    Choosing an archaic language in the modern age is like driving backward on a one-way street.

    But our point is not about overlooking modern options but recognizing the unique advantages that AS 400 RPG brings.

    Let’s dive deeper into understanding the uniqueness of the programming language RPG.

    • When you use Java through WebSphere, it requires more hardware compared to RPG language, thus using RPG minimizes your maintenance and installation expenses.
    • RPG provides one of the most interactive programming ecosystems. This means it facilitates easier management, smooth upgrades, and simplified integration capabilities.
    • It becomes easier to work in AS400 with RPG. If you face any difficulties in the future with modern RPG language, you just need to upgrade it.
    • SMEs and other organizations don’t always require fancy add-ons that PHP/WebSphere offers.

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    These are some highlighting features that help modern leaders lean towards AS400 RPG programming language to develop commercial business applications over other languages.

    Now that you know why the programming language RPG stands out, you need professional RPG developers to handle your application development requirements.

    We know what you are thinking. -”With the scarcity of RPG programmers, finding the right talent is challenging. And even if I find RPG developers, how do I ensure that they are the right fit?”

    We heard you.

    Here’s an unpopular opinion: The capable AS 400 programmers are available today, but not at the same rate as in the 1990s.

    Proficient programmers play a crucial role in your AS400 RPG programming development.

    Finding them is relatively easy if you have the right knowledge of the skilled programmers in place.

    So which key skills should you keep in mind when hiring an AS-400 RPG programmer? Let’s find out.

    What to Look for in AS400 RPG Programmers?

    Here are the top skills you should look for when hiring developers for RPG programming language.

    Knowledge of Modern AS400 RPG Programming

    IBM has updated its operating systems and codes over the past decades. Similarly, the RPG language codes have also been modified over the years. From having a rigid structure in the initial years, RPG language has transformed into the latest RPG ILE.

    The AS400 RPG candidates must have adapted to the transition and should be able to work in the latest RPG environment to develop the desired business applications for your company.

    If the RPG developers don’t work with the latest programming language RPG version, they won’t use all the latest functionalities to deliver the application to match your expectations.

    Practical Experience

    Practical experience is one of the top-rated aspects for RPG programmers. It showcases their knowledge and skills before you hire them on board.

    With proven experience in their toolkit, you can be confident that your team of RPG programmers has continually honed their skill set through RPG upgrades, delivering guaranteed results.

    It better helps you understand your developer’s flexibility and adaptability to the dynamic landscape of the programming world.

    While hiring, request details about the RPG developer’s past project to better gauge the developer’s technical depth and the quality of their projects. This trusted approach provides valuable insights into their in-depth AS400 RPG programming skills and hands-on experience.

    Problem-Solving Capabilities

    In addition to technical expertise, your prospective AS400 RPG programming team must be equipped with soft skills to solve complex challenges with well-thought-out solutions.

    Having a team of creative RPG developers on your team will help them develop practical, business-oriented applications with finesse.

    To assess their problem-solving capabilities, present them with complex company problems, and seek the most ideal solution that they would employ while creating RPG programming language-based applications.

    Having a creative problem solver will improve your chances of exploring the new components of the AS400 RPG programming for your business benefit.

    Great Communication

    Having great communication skills is another important soft skill for your potential RPG programmers.

    You as a leader, must strike an ideal balance between RPG developers with technical skills and programmers with soft skills for seamless communication and coordination.

    It is ideal to have an excellent communicator who can paint complex RPG language codes most subtly for your non-technical stakeholders.

    This will enable you to keep pace with the nuances of the entire project ensuring you are in sync with both macro and micro application developments.

    These are some of the top skills you should check in an AS400 RPG programming professional to filter the most qualified RPG candidates from the talent pool.

    Do you want to escape the cycle of hiring and spotting the right fit for your AS 400 projects?

    We, at Integrative Systems, have got you covered.

    Integrative Systems: Your Go-to Partner for AS400 RPG Programming

    Most of the companies based on IBM i need to create intuitive solutions and boost their capabilities using the programming language RPG.

    Are you one of those companies with the need to enhance your AS400 RPG programming capabilities?

    If yes, you need capable talent to back your development process.

    Integrative Systems brings you a ready-to-deploy team of talented and professional RPG developers who have inherited all the top skills you need in a reliable team to deliver exceptional business-oriented applications.

    We have dedicatedly helped companies and business leaders for 25+ years, such as you to resolve IT-related issues in their organization and ensure uninterrupted IT operations to achieve their business goals.

    We demonstrate proper utilization of your allocated IT budget with positive ROI to your management and ensure you get the best user experience during the entire project development.

    There’s more to our offerings.

    We walk in with-

    Agile Response to RPG Language Roadblocks

    Our RPG programmers have in-depth knowledge of the technology and aim to give their best to deliver the most desirable results for your project.

    We answer all your queries related to AS400 RPG programming, IBM iSeries infrastructure, and AS 400 systems with 24/7 customer support.


    There are no fixed price brackets for every project requirement. We offer highly customizable development rates and flexible engagement models, while we deliver the highest-quality results within your budget.


    If you completely want to outsource your iSeries requirements or want us to manage a dedicated wing, we bring extensive experience to the table. There are no limitations when it comes to the flexibility of our RPG programming language applications team.

    Complete iSeries AS400 Solutions

    With Integrative Systems, you get 360-degree solutions related to the IBM iSeries AS400. We empower you to escape the hassles of consulting multiple agencies for various AS-400 solutions. Be it AS400 applications modernization or management, we have done it all.

    Top-notch iSeries AS400 Consultancy

    Being one of the leading RPG developers in the industry, we have 20 years of combined experience managing and delivering customized solutions to businesses and industries worldwide. We empower you to focus on your core business objectives and ease your worries about complex RPG programming challenges, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

    Still thinking?

    Get in touch with our AS400 RPG experts at [email protected] for a FREE consultation and decide for yourself.

    Experience the best application development based on AS400 RPG Programming in the United States by partnering with Integrative Systems.

    Frequently Asked Questions About AS400 RPG Programming

    1. Why Is It Hard to Find Talented RPG Programmers?

    Ans: There can be many reasons why it has become hard to find capable RPG developers who meet your precise requirements, but it’s not impossible.

    As a solution, you can embrace different approaches such as hiring an in-house team of developers or augmenting your in-house team with specific RPG expertise.

    2. Is AS400 RPG Programming Dead?

    Ans: No, it is not. Although RPG language is relatively senior, it is still one of the top high-level languages, like PL/I and COBOL. The fact that thousands of AS 400 users still rely on it for mission-critical applications speaks for its ever-lasting effectiveness.

    Furthermore, it is far from dead, as demonstrated by IBM’s regular efforts to update and support it with modern capabilities such as improved cloud integration and enhanced security features.

    3. Is Outsourcing AS400 RPG Programming Better Than Hiring In-house?

    Ans: Yes, our 25+ years of experience stand by the fact that outsourcing RPG development is better than hiring in-house. Seeking ideal RPG programmers can be like searching for a needle in a haystack which requires dedication, capital, and time.

    Whereas, outsourcing your AS400 development requirements to an agency with ready-to-deploy RPG programmers immediately helps you escape the hiring headache, and get you rolling with the development.

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