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    Hire ASP.NET Programmer to Work on your ASP.NET CMS Platforms

    Have you been wanting an ASP NET programmer for hire to work on your CMS projects?

    If so, you need to know about the top ASP.NET CMS platforms first.

    If you run an online business that deals with a variety of content, you might have various options to pick from.

    However, there are several Content Management Systems (CMS) on the market today. Each has its own set of unique and useful capabilities that aid in website development, management, and collaboration.

    CMS enables you to work perfectly in every department, from sales to marketing, administration, and human resources.

    But now, the question is how you will determine which ASP.NET CMS platform is the best fit for your company.

    Hence, to help you with this situation, we have curated a list of the top five ASP .NET CMS platforms.

    This comprehensive list will help you determine which is the best fit for your online business company.

    But, before that, let us make you understand why you need a CMS.

    Why Should You Choose ASP .NET CMS Platforms?

    CMS is a web content management software system that allows you to design, generate, and publish various types of content. This content information is stored in a database system and shown in the format of templates in a presentation layer.

    CMS includes the following impressive features:

    • Create content and format it as required
    • Keep all content stored in one space
    • Make content live by publishing it
    • Offers workflow management to provide rights and responsibilities to the creator of the content

    CMS can provide your business organization with the following advantages:


    CMS can assist you in updating content without the assistance of a software developer or understanding of coding. With little to zero technological expertise, you can update the content easily.


    You only need a single dashboard to manage your website content with a CMS, and you can make changes from anywhere in the world. It gives you the freedom to access and manage your content data from any location.

    Quick design adjustments and improvement

    You can quickly and effectively change the design of many pages with a CMS. It will also make design changes easier by employing a template.

    When you tweak the template, the change will be applied to all pages automatically. It will provide your visitors with an excellent user experience.

    Now that you know the importance of choosing a CMS platform for your business, let’s look out for some factors that you need to consider before finalizing one.

    Consider these Before Choosing the Best Asp .NET CMS Platform

    The selection of the top ASP .NET CMS platforms is perhaps the most critical stage of website development. You must select ASP .NET CMS based on the following criteria:

    CMS pricingLook into CMS pricing

    Most ASP .NET CMS systems are free, while some offer premium versions. As a result, it is crucial to analyze your budget and select an ASP.NET CMS Platform that fits into it.

    Check for the basic features

    Basic features for your ASP.NET CMS should include tools for creating, reading, updating, and deleting website content. Check that the CMS platform you’ve chosen has these functionalities.

    Determine your CMS requirements

    Explore the CMS demo to see whether it can meet your business requirements. Assume your websites require picture editing (cropping, rotating, and resizing) and file management (uploading and attaching PDF) facilities.

    You must determine whether or not your chosen CMS solution handles these factors efficiently.

    Enhanced Security FeaturesEnhanced security features

    ASP.NET CMS was created by a broad team of IT professionals who have previously addressed various security vulnerabilities.

    They have also made various changes while hardcoding everything from the initial concept to resolving the security vulnerabilities. Therefore, choose a CMS solution with better security promise.

    Considering these factors, let us now explore the top ASP .NET CMS one by one.

    List of Best ASP .NET CMS Platforms

    1. Sitefinity

    Sitefinity is a next-generation, robust, and versatile CMS for building attractive websites, intranets, portals, and blogs with incredible efficiency and an easy-to-manage admin interface.

    This platform is developed to fulfil the specific business requirements of many industries and has grown to become the market’s leading CMS.

    Sitefinity also has a wide range of useful enterprise features. One of them is a drag-and-drop editor functionality for quickly adding new content or making modifications to your website.

    Sitefinity was developed by Telerik and later acquired by Progress Software Corporation Company. It can be hosted on AWS or Azure because it does not have its own cloud hosting service.

    Features of Sitefinity

    Enhancing the digital experience

    Sitefinity assists in transforming and enhancing the digital experience for professional content editors and increasing ROI (return on investment).

    Management across multiple channels

    It provides multi-channel support and makes it simple to handle the Web UI for quality CMS.


    It provides lucrative specialized segments with personalized messages and generates sales for the company.

    High user engagement

    This assists in centrally managing the digital experience and providing customer satisfaction and hence, increasing engagement rates.

    2. DNN (DotNetNuke) Platform

    The DNN Platform is an open-source, adaptable, reliable, and scalable CMS built on Microsoft’s .NET foundation that powers over 750,000 websites globally. DNN is a popular CMS-based platform that offers a premium edition as well as a comprehensive set of capabilities.

    The platform enables the development of secure, rich, flexible, and dynamic websites and software applications. It has built-in tools and enables custom-developed extensions, along with full-service support.

    Features of DNN Platform


    DNN software’s security service has passed several vulnerability checks conducted by government agencies and finance companies.

    Management of multiple sites

    It provides outstanding administration for multiple websites, allowing you to run hundreds of websites while maintaining high performance and versatility.

    Management of users and workflows

    DNN enables developers to administer the entire website and establishes the authorization of admin access to specific pages for business owners. It also helps in managing the workflow among users.

    Ecosystem optimization

    DNN is suitable for all types of organizations and has a robust ecosystem with lots of IT experts and service providers.

    3. Umbraco

    Umbraco is a feature-rich open-source CMS that allows you to operate any website seamlessly. Small campaigns, brochure sites, and comprehensive apps are all powered by this platform.

    Umbraco is simple to understand and use, rendering the platform useful for software designers, IT developers, and content publishers as well. It is an excellent website content publishing software solution that does not require licensing and is developer-driven.

    Umbraco developers can quickly augment the product with unique features thanks to the product’s more than 300 extensions. Its advanced  UI, genuine .NET architecture, and active community will entice you to use it for CMS development. As a result, it is an appropriate platform for development firms.

    Features of Umbraco

    Incredibly responsive

    Because of Umbraco’s responsive design and architecture, the CMS can be modified and maintained easily.

    Robust ecosystem

    Because of the robust ecosystem and simple integration with third-party solutions, Umbraco developers feel empowered.

    Unique features

    This CMS includes various unique features such as a health check dashboard, a 302 redirect management system, and a device preview.

    4. Kentico

    Kentico is a cross-platform ASP .NET CMS that is completely integrated and is designed for small and enterprise-level websites. It offers a wide range of capabilities for developing websites, community sites, intranets, and e-commerce applications on the .NET platform.

    Kentico can be operated on-premises or in the cloud and provides SEO, online marketing, multilingual websites, and e-commerce platform services.

    Features of Kentico

    Multi-site support

    The all-in-one, ASP .NET CMS for e-commerce platforms and online marketing, allows for a wide range of website management and user interface options.


    It has cross-platform capabilities and is completely integrated across various platforms.


    The built-in inline editors of Kentico make it simple to modify the content, and the use of widgets is optimized with a single click in the MVC page builder.

    Widget sections

    Developers can use this capability to allow marketers to choose which structure or sections to keep, whether it’s one or multiple sections.

    5. Sitecore

    Sitecore is by far the most comprehensive and enterprise-ready ASP .NET CMS, capable of supporting several large-scale websites.

    It offers a variety of features as well as a huge partner network. However, these functionalities are pricier when it comes to hiring a developer to work with them, making Sitecore the most expensive alternative.

    Sitecore also includes an advanced load balancing capability, making it the most user-friendly platform. It is a platform that integrates user information with other marketing automation features to provide an excellent user experience throughout the process.

    Features of Sitecore

    Multilingual CMS

    This CMS allows you to build websites in a variety of languages. As a result, you can reach a larger audience.

    Headless architecture

    It helps ecrease reliance and make critical changes efficiently because it provides an independent frontend and backend.


    You can offer tailored content to your audience and provide a superior user experience with this CMS.

    Once you finalize one from the list of top CMS platforms, the next step is to search for the finest ASP DOT NET development company from where you can find the top ASP .NET programmer to work with your chosen CMS.

    This time we won’t go through another list to finalize the .NET company. To simplify the process, we will lead you directly to the best in town (or industry).

    Integrative Systems have the Best ASP NET Programmer for Hire

    With over 15 years of .NET development experience and two decades plus of software development industry experience, we at Integrative Systems have successfully completed more .NET projects than we can practically count now.

    We also have over a slew of certified .NET developers who can be hired as an extension of your IT team, either on a full-time or hourly basis.

    Our team of .NET developers is qualified enough to work on high-end projects for various industries and top CMS like all the mentioned above.

    Contact us at [email protected], and let’s discuss your business requirements ASAP!

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