Reasons to Consider Outsourcing Microsoft .NET Development

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    5 Reasons to Outsource Your Microsoft .NET Development

    Microsoft .NET is a framework that can help businesses achieve their purposes by developing custom applications that are dynamic, productive, efficient, and quality-rich. 

    However, building a business application with .NET takes considerable investment, time, and effort. The app development process necessitates steps such as:

    • Planning
    • Designing
    • Development
    • Testing
    • Deployment
    • Support and maintenance

    If you don’t have skilled and experienced IT professionals at your disposal, you might not achieve the outcome you envisioned. But that can be prevented if you consider outsourcing Microsoft .NET development to a software development company.

    The days of having to recruit in-house professionals with specific skill sets and vendors to acquire the necessary infrastructure to begin a new project are long gone.

    Everything is readily available in today’s technology-driven world, including the infrastructure and top talent required to accommodate a .NET project at competitive prices. All of this is possible via outsourcing.

    Let’s learn why businesses prefer the .NET framework, how outsourcing can help realize their .NET development goals, and what the steps are to outsource your .NET project.

    Why Do Businesses Use the .NET Framework?

    Why Do Businesses Use the .NET Framework?

    An IT organization usually opts to outsource a .NET development company if there’s a need for a web application or a digital solution.

    However, there’s a lot the .NET platform can do for its users besides the requirements mentioned above. Businesses can also use it to fulfill their needs of incorporating dynamic features into their existing software applications.

    Although deciding when to use the .NET framework for a project may seem tricky, here are several domains where businesses can:

    • Web applications
    • Desktop applications
    • Internet of things (IoT)
    • Machine learning

    Compared to other development tools in the market, the user-friendly .NET framework offers a wide range of advantages. Hence, leveraging the framework will enable you to effectively build custom application solutions for mobile applications, cloud development, microservices, etc.

    Why Outsource .NET Software Development?

    When it comes to ASP.NET, there are two options available for you to build efficient, adaptable, and reliable software applications. You can either build an in house team for your .NET application development project or outsource a .NET development company.

    Outsource .NET Software Development

    Choosing the first option can prove to be a time-consuming process, and the end results are also not guaranteed to be rewarding. Thus, it is advisable to choose the latter option and outsource .NET development services.


    It is because there are myriad advantages that you can access when you outsource a .NET development company.

    Below are 5 reasons for you to consider outsourcing Microsoft .NET development:

    1. Access to Top Development Tools and Technologies

    Any software application development involves a wide range of tools and technologies, such as:

    • Source control tools
    • Developer IDEs
    • Database technologies
    • CI/CD tools
    • Quality control tools
    • Analytics, networking

    In order to develop a solution that gives the company a competitive advantage in the industry, it is critical to have access to cutting-edge tools and technologies. And the best technology stack for .NET development projects is provided by .NET development companies.

    Additionally, they are updated on the latest technology trends and upgrades for each tool utilized to build a software application. They have access to the latest design software to build prototypes before beginning the development process.

    2. Access to Experienced and Certified .NET Developers

    Access to Experienced and Certified .NET Developers

    To build your .NET software application successfully, you must get your hands on skilled and experienced software developers.

    Apart from expert IT professionals, your .NET project might also need expertise in other areas such as database, integration, networking, etc. Therefore, finding the right professionals to build your software application in-house needs careful effort.

    If your company doesn’t have the right workforce for a particular project, the entire development process will get delayed. It will also become expensive and time-consuming in the long run if you decide to hire in-house only for a one-time project.

    However, if you opt for net software outsourcing experts from a reliable .NET development company, you’ll be able to avert the above-mentioned issues.

    Such development companies have a pool of experienced .NET developers with a wide range of skill sets and expertise in various tools and technologies.

    This will ensure that your project is in the right hands and will be handled efficiently from development to deployment with utmost care.

    3. Decrease in Training Costs of In-house Workforce

    In general, training is a part of all software development projects. You will need to provide training to get your internal team up to speed if some of the technologies you will be using are completely new to them.

    Additionally, there can be a requirement for domain, security, and compliance-related training. All of this training takes more time, and if you hire external trainers, their charges are also factored into the overall cost of your project.

    However, when you outsource your development project to a Dot NET development company, they handle the entire software development. Therefore, you can evade such training requirements.

    4. Reduction in the Cost of the Development Project

    Developing any software application in-house involves miscellaneous costs such as software licensing costs, security and compliance costs, salaries for hired IT professionals (along with medical, housing, and other allowances), office renting costs, etc.

    Generally, IT companies have a set budget for any development project. However, trying to fit every requirement concerning your software development into your budget can become daunting. And if you don’t plan and execute your project efficiently, you might end up exceeding your budget.

    But in the case of outsourced .NET development companies, they usually have cost models. They also offer flexibility so that you can customize your development plan according to your budget and business needs. This allows you to manage your expenditures easily and prevent exceeding them.

    The cost of developing a .NET application also includes the expenses of employing various tools and technologies. There are several free or open source .NET development tools available; however, there are also many sophisticated tools that deliver better results, but for a cost.

    If you hire an in-house team for your .NET development project, you might also need to purchase a few licensed tools, technologies, or third-party integrations. However, you won’t have to worry about such expenses if you outsource your .NET development project.


    It is because your outsourced DotNET development company is already in the business of developing various software. Therefore, they are already employing all the necessary tools and technologies for developing .NET applications and have either bought them or are paying subscriptions to use them.

    5. Guaranteed .NET Application Security and Compliance

    For any business, application security and compliance are essential requirements, and security impact analyses of the application code must be performed frequently for secure .NET application development.

    Additionally, to prevent cyber attacks, the computing resources utilized to create and host the software application and databases must be safeguarded.

    Furthermore, certain .NET applications are needed to meet specific compliance standards. For instance, several nations mandate HIPAA compliance for data protection of medical applications.

    Cyber threats are yet another issue that requires your strict attention. Every day, cybercriminals scour the internet for IT companies to attack, breach, and steal their data or operational methods. For instance, if you ever contract ransomware, your entire company will go down in a matter of minutes.

    Moreover, there are additional expenses associated with cyber risks, such as the cost of losing clients, personnel, and brand image, as well as the price of the devices and the cost of recovery.

    If you build the .NET application in-house, you will have to deal with such complex security and compliance issues. However, when you outsource .NET development from a software development company, you get IT professionals who are experts on such matters.

    These specialists are aware of the laws that are applicable to your .NET development project. Additionally, the majority use secure computer environments and the latest security assessment technologies.

    Outsourcing Microsoft .NET development is a multi-step process. If you want to prevent potential risks and complications down the line, you must carefully follow several processes.

    Step-by-Step Guide for Outsourcing Your .NET Development Project

    The steps you must take to outsource your .NET development project are listed below:

    1. Establish Your Business Requirements and Goals

    Establish Your Business Requirements and Goals

    It is critical for your company that you outline your business needs and project goals since you will have to communicate them to the outsourced Dot NET development company transparently.

    Therefore, to do that, you have to determine the answers to the following questions:

    • Why did you decide to outsource your .NET development project in
      the first place?
    • What are the gaps you aim to fill by outsourcing?
    • What outcome do you plan to obtain from this project?
    • Who is your target audience for whom you wish to develop your
      product for?
    • What budget restrictions do you have?
    • What project tasks do you plan to delegate?

    Once you have the answers, decide how you plan to manage the .NET development project and assign tasks to the outsourced development team accordingly.

    2. Choose the Location You Want to Outsource Your .Net Developers from

    Choose the Location You Want to Outsource Your .Net Developers from

    Where to outsource your .NET development project will depend on your understanding of your business goals and objectives. If cutting costs is your main concern, you might want to outsource offshore developers because their rates are typically lower than those in your location.

    If you want to optimize time overlap, choose a reliable nearshore location where your team can collaborate synchronously. Therefore, choosing the best outsourcing location that can satisfy your business needs will depend on carefully set criteria implemented from the beginning of the project.

    3. Find a Reliable Outsourcing Microsoft .NET Development Company

    Reliable Outsourcing Microsoft .NET Development Company

    If you choose a famous .NET outsourcing location, you will certainly encounter the dilemma of choosing the best according to your requirement from multiple software development organizations.

    Each .NET firm you’ll take into consideration will surely claim to offer the highest quality services available. However, to select the best .NET company, you must conduct an in-depth analysis of all the shortlisted development companies.

    When shortlisting .NET development companies, the most critical aspects to assess them are credibility, industry expertise, a strong .NET portfolio, a digital presence, reliable client reviews and testimonials, and professionalism.

    4. Decide on the Pricing Model and Sign the NDA Contract

    Decide on the Pricing Model and Sign the NDA Contract

    Once you have decided on the software development company for your .NET project, it is time to determine what pricing model you should opt for. You must choose the pricing model for your .NET project considering your company’s profitability.

    The following factors are always taken into consideration when choosing a pricing model:

    • Transparency of initial requirements
    • Project scope
    • Time and budget constraints
    • Project’s level of complexity

    Once you’ve determined which pricing plan is best for your company according to your needs, it’s time to sign the agreement and authorize the project. By signing an NDA, you can be assured that your data will be completely protected.

    The agreement should contain detailed information about the outsourced services the software development partner will deliver, acceptance standards, a commitment for project deployment, project duration and cost, and other specifics that can protect you from possible risks.

    5. Conduct the Discovery Stage

    Conduct the Discovery Stage

    It is essential to conduct a discovery stage, which is an integral aspect of any SDLC (software development life cycle), before beginning the development of your .NET application.

    The following are the advantages of conducting this stage:

    • Reducing the likelihood of product failure
    • Prospect of gaining a comprehensive understanding of your product
    • Ability to evaluate the .NET company before commencing the software development project
    • Ensuring adequate resource allocation

    The following outcomes are possible as a result of conducting this step:

    • Vision and scope
    • Development plan
    • WBS (work breakdown structure)
    • SRS (software requirements specification)

    This step shouldn’t be skipped under any circumstances, regardless of whether your goal is to create a brand-new solution or upgrade a legacy software application. 

    6. Get Started with Your Chosen Team of Outsourced .NET Developers

    Get Started with Your Chosen Team of Outsourced .NET Developers

    Once you have accomplished the above-mentioned five steps, you can begin your partnership with your outsourced .NET development company. Don’t forget to select a suitable channel for effective communication and tracking the progress of your .NET project. 

    Even though the task of software development is entirely the responsibility of the DotNET development company, it is crucial for you to supervise the process and ensure that everything advances as envisioned.

    However, if you are still stuck on step 3, we can help you overcome that!

    Outsource .NET Developers from Integrative Systems

    Integrative Systems, a Microsoft .NET development company, can help you build .NET applications of any complexities cost-effectively.

    We have launched more than 100 .NET projects and have more than two decades of domain expertise. We can also assist you in designing and building your .NET project successfully.

    We have over 50 skilled IT specialists on staff that can handle projects of any complexity. We have vast technical knowledge and are capable of developing high-quality .NET applications for a variety of industries.

    You can outsource the ones that meet your specifications, and they’ll join the project to contribute their experience and expertise right away.

    Contact us today at [email protected] with your .NET project specifications, and we’ll revert in less than 72 hours.

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