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    Hire Power BI Developer in 2024 for Full Stack Power Support

    Do you want to hire Power BI developer who can provide expert BI (business intelligence) services?

    If so, you can get not just one but a team of professional and skilled Power BI developers from a Power BI consulting company.

    The successful implementation of BI improves a company’s ability to analyze data. It promotes better and strategic business decisions, quicker solutions, and increased productivity.

    You may unlock these growth opportunities by collaborating with the right Power BI consulting company.

    Let’s understand why you need Power BI services from a certified Power BI developer. Why Do You Need Power BI Services?

    Microsoft Power BI is a market-leading BI tool.

    Power BI analyst love it because of its extensive data analysis features, advanced visualization tools, and integration with various data gateways.

    Similarly, end-users of Power BI appreciate it because of its user-friendly interface, robust security, and affordability.

    This drag-and-drop BI software solution consolidates information from various sources, assists professionals in evaluating it, and creates interactive dashboards.  It lets its users share reports easily with one another with a click of a button.

    You can attain the following using Power BI services:

    • On-Site Data Gateway
    • Secure collaboration and cooperation
    • Modify, reform, and transform data using queries
    • Robust security at every step
    • Stream analysis in real time
    • Dashboarding and innovative reporting
    • Azure integration and cloud-based warehousing

    What is a Power BI Developer?

    Power BI Developer is an expert in the Power BI platform and its tools very well. A Power BI Developer is responsible for the development and administration of BI tools. Power BI Developers are responsible for transforming raw data into valuable and meaningful insights in the form of appealing dashboards and reports.

    So, why Power BI?

    Power BI, developed by Microsoft, allows users to work with large databases to create dashboards and generate insights to improve business performance.

    Additionally, Power BI is equipped with useful built-in capabilities that enable data transformation and data modeling. It surpasses other BI tools with its comprehensive connectivity options. It can import databases in various formats, extract data from an API, and even connect to data sources in the cloud.

    Additionally, Power BI can create captivating, interactive, and informative dashboards and stream data to update them in real-time.

    In what way a Power BI Developer Saves Your Time & Energy

    Marketing managers no longer need to spend long hours every week creating reports manually in excel. With Power BI Developer, you can create highly visual, automated dashboards for yourself in no time.

    Instead of struggling through the learning curve of Power BI yourself, you can rely on the developer’s expertise to quickly create your dashboard using the right data model and optimal visualization.

    A developer can also show you best practices for structuring your data in the future so that the BI solution is scalable and sustainable with minimal maintenance.

    Finally, the developer can train marketing managers and their team in interacting with the new dashboard so they can quickly understand Power BI.

    Top 11 Skills Required for Power BI Developer

    A Power BI developer is responsible for designing, constructing, & implementing business intelligence solutions using the Power BI platform. Here are some key skills that are important for a Power BI developer:

    Power BI Desktop-

    It is a data visualization & BI tool from Microsoft. With the help of this tool, Power BI developers create interactive reports and dashboards deploy and analyze data from various sources.

    Data Modeling-

    Under Power BI, data modeling refers to the process of defining relationships between data tables and creating calculations. It enables Power BI developers to create effective and meaningful reports and dashboards.

    DAX (Data Analysis Expressions)-

    It is a formula language used in Power BI for custom calculations. Developers use DAX to create custom calculations, measures, and calculated columns.

    Data Transformation-

    It is the process of cleaning, structuring, and reshaping data to be suitable for analysis. Power Query, a component of Power BI, is often used for data transformation tasks.

    Data Visualization-

    This process involves translating information into representations such as maps or graphs. As a result, Power BI developers must be familiar with visualization libraries.

    Power BI Embedding-

    Power BI embedding process is allows Power BI developers to integrate Power BI reports & dashboards into custom applications, websites, or portals. This allows seamless integration with reports.

    Data Integration-

    Using this process, Power BI combines data from multiple sources into a unified business intelligence. It supports data integration from various sources.

    Power BI Gateway-

    It connects on-premises data sources and Power BI cloud service. This update enables data refresh and secure data transfer for reporting and analysis.

    Power BI Report Server-

    It is an on-premises solution by Microsoft that allows organizations to host, manage, and distribute Power BI reports.

    Power Automate Integration-

    Power BI developers are expected to be familiar with it as it enables them to automate workflows and tasks triggered by data-driven events or insights. Moreover, it also helps in increasing efficiency and data-driven decision making.

    Power BI Mobile-

    This application allows users to access, view, and interact with Power BI reports and dashboards on smartphones and tablets for on-the-go data analysis.

    What Are the Different Types of Power Bi Services?

    If you hire Power BI developer from a BI consultation company, you can access the following Power BI service:

    • Power BI Implementation
    • Power BI Consultation
    • Power BI support
    • Power BI Advanced Analytics
    • Power BI Dashboard Development
    • Power BI Customization
    • Power BI Embedded

    Key Benefits of Using Power Bi

    Power BI enables you to gather real-time data and show it in a timely and comprehensible manner. The following are major business advantages of using Power BI:

    • It increases customer satisfaction, revenue, and profitability  by evaluating customer behavior.
    • It helps with decision-making that is streamlined and advanced.
    • It improves business operations.
    • It increases operational efficiency.
    • It offers you a competitive advantage by providing  meaningful and actionable data.
    • It understands business challenges.
    • It integrates with a range of data sources.
    • It carries out complex analytical discoveries.
    • What Are the Challenges with Traditional Power BI Solutions?

    BI systems employ a variety of procedures, approaches, platforms, structures, applications, and tools. Using raw data, all of these variables aid in the presentation of meaningful insights that can aid in operational, strategic, and tactical decision-making applications.

    Several companies use traditional Bi solutions to analyze their data and make it more effective and useful. They do, however, face the following challenges:

    Negative implications of using an Excel-based method

    When implementing an excel-based method, you could be subjected to error-prone, slow, time-consuming, and labor-intensive manual reporting.

    Lacks historical data

    Several reports are created using only the incoming data; however, this data is not stored for future historical analysis. Even if data is collected, it stays unutilized and stored in systems.

    Lack of a robust BI ecosystem

    A traditional BI system may fail to achieve its primary function, which is to deliver accurate and relevant data to your operations department so that they can make intelligent decisions efficiently.

    Lack of expertise

    The technology may be effective on its own, but businesses frequently lack technical team members that can successfully leverage its capabilities.

    However, this is not the end of the list. Traditional Bi systems may also struggle to integrate with the most recent technologically advanced systems.

    Fortunately, there are several new and advanced cloud-enabled BI tools on the market these days. Businesses are utilizing powerful Bi solutions such as Microsoft Power BI to process their data in order to make it more usable and insightful.

    Assume your organization has a strong technical in-house Bi expertise, or you are a tech-savvy business owner. Even then, when it comes to some of the most recent analytics solutions, you might require some assistance to effectively leverage their capabilities.

    In other words, a Power BI developer is required to get the most out of the product and make data-driven decisions.

    Why Do You Need to Hire Power BI Developer?

    Power BI developer can help you get started

    Microsoft Power BI developer can assist you in setting up the Bi system and collecting the relevant data. They can also help you define the proper KPIs, deal with data storage issues, etc.

    When using Power BI, there are three things you should be knowledgeable about. These include:

    • Data Acquisition
    • Data Visualization
    • Data Modeling

    Power BI offers capabilities like Power Query and Power Pivot that completely redefine the paradigm of data management in business organizations, so you can do all three (mentioned above) at once.

    In fact, even if you’re a seasoned analyst, you’ve probably never seen anything like it. Therefore, a consultation will assist you in overcoming the initial roadblocks so that you can leverage the software more quickly and effectively.

    Power BI developer can train your company’s in-house Power BI users

    A certified Power BI report developer can also train your internal staff members who will use the BI tool on a regular basis. They can typically assist your in-house team in developing a data-driven environment by:

    • Improving or fixing the current BI reports or dashboard
    • Identifying needs and evaluating current reports
    • Disapproving their current procedures if they do not adhere to industry best practices and offering better alternatives
    • Working directly with the IT department and top management to get their feedback on Microsoft Power BI’s reporting and data analytics features

    Certified Power BI developer can help reduce costs

    Business owners can save a significant amount if they opt not to hire and train an in-house BI staff. Businesses can start using Power BI for their operations by purchasing the ready-to-use Microsoft Power BI tools that are made available in the market.

    These solutions can effectively assist in presenting complex data to customers in a more relevant, comprehensible manner. It can also assist you in identifying missed or potential business opportunities for expansion and offering information to boost your ROI.

    In addition, the right Power BI Engineer can assist you in developing the best solution for your business. They can assist in the creation of customized dashboards such as Power BI logistics dashboards, Power BI Supply chain dashboards, and comparative drug analytics dashboards.

    5 Reasons to Hire Power BI Developers from a Power BI Consulting Company

    Power BI is easier to use and implement than other BI systems. To get the most out of it, though, it’s best to collaborate with a Power BI consulting company that specializes in technology and data analytics.

    The following are some of the reasons why you should hire Power BI (Business Intelligence) developer from a Power BI consulting company:

    Analytical advances

    Since Power BI is a self-service BI system, companies can easily implement it and create basic dashboards without putting their workforce through extensive training. However, for detailed analysis, you will require technological expertise and experience in data analytics.

    This is where a Power BI developer enters the picture. They can provide advanced technology solutions such as machine learning, smoothing, predicting trends, and deep learning, by leveraging Power BI’s complex analytical tools.

    Reports with the latest features

    Microsoft releases a new version of Power BI every month. These updates are packed with visualizations, data models, new integrations, and capabilities. Your data analytics team must be aware of the new features’ implementation. As a result, you won’t miss out on anything new and improved.

    You can take advantage of these upgraded features by working with a Power BI consulting company. Their dedication to remain updated and curious to learn new skills all the time will benefit you ultimately. And they know just when and how to use the most recent updates.

    Data security

    Power BI gives you complete control over your data and reporting functionality. Its Row-Level-Security (RWS) feature allows you to manage software access by defining the roles of the filters. Therefore, your data is protected, and only those you authorize can access it.

    You can manage your team members’ ability to modify visuals using Power BI’s content pack feature. Even when you publish the analytics report to the cloud, your database is still secure in the backend.

    By collaborating with a Power BI consulting company, you can benefit from their experience in developing robust and secure BI solutions for your organization.

    Improved data insights

    The internet generated around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day in 2020. And 95 percent of firms believe that data should be used to improve performance. Even if you are a startup company, effective data analytics will be required to expand and sustain your business.

    A Power BI consulting company can help you collect, analyze, organize, and present data effectively. Therefore, you’ll have a better understanding of your data, and in turn,  you will be able to make better and more informed business decisions.

    Customized interactive dashboards

    Power BI has a multitude of industry-specific visualizations that are unique, user-friendly, and highly customizable. Microsoft has gone a step further by publishing the codes, which has resolved the global visualization challenge.

    As a result, your BI developers can write or modify the source code for the visualizations and share them.

    By collaborating with a Power BI consulting company, you can use Power BI according to your specific needs and benefit from customized, industry-specific dashboards.

    Our Approach as a Power BI Consultant

    With over two decades of industry experience and expertise, we at Integrative Systems have an expert team of Power BI developers that can deliver outstanding services without fail.

    Our in-house Power BI professionals have provided data processing, analytics, and secure cloud services.

    Our Power BI consulting services cover everything from planning and strategizing to creating a customized report.

    Our Microsoft Power BI experts will guide you through each stage of delivering result-driven BI solutions with Power BI. They can also create dashboards to visualize data insights to make the best business decisions.

    Our comprehensive Power BI solutions helps leading organizations across various industries such as:

    • Retail Industry
    • Consumer Goods
    • Financial Services
    • Manufacturing Industry
    • Education Sector

    Contact us at [email protected], and let’s get started by discussing your business needs and goals!

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