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    Planning to Hire Azure Developers? You Should Know This

    Key takeaways:

    Azure developers are in high demand as more and more businesses are adopting Azure for cloud computing.

    If you’re planning to hire Azure talent, go through this guide to gain insights into their skillsets, when to hire, and the benefits of Azure consulting services.

    As businesses increasingly turn to Azure for cloud computing solutions, it is no surprise that over 56% of businesses use Microsoft Azure for cloud computing, confirms Statista.

    To fully capitalize on your investment in Azure, it’s important to invest in skilled Azure cloud developers and Azure consultants who help your business with efficient adoption and usage of Azure cloud services.

    Are you planning to hire Azure developers? It’s important to get it right the first time.

    Although Microsoft Azure is one of the top-tier technologies, it will not be ideal to assume that you’re spoilt for choices when it comes to recruiting dedicated Azure cloud developers.

    Having said that, not every leader knows the perks of having truly capable Azure developers on board, let alone how to hire them.

    Worry not!

    We are here to help you get it right the first time and never worry about where to hire Azure services developer again.

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    Today you will explore about –

    • Who are Azure Cloud developers?
    • Why should you hire dedicated Azure developers? What can they do for you?
    • Top skills to look for when qualifying for Azure developer in the USA
    • When is the right time to find MS Azure Developer for hire?
    • MS Azure consulting – How does it help?
    • One stop-shop for Azure Cloud consulting and hire Azure developers.

    Without any further ado, let’s get going to make the most of your time here.

    Why Should You Hire Azure Developers? What Can They Do for You?

    Asking this question is like asking “Why do you need a skilled pilot to fly your plane?”

    As the demand for Azure cloud services grows, the demand for dedicated Azure services developers will be high (and already is).

    So why should you consider hiring MS Azure Cloud developers for your business today?

    Let’s discover.

    Because You Need to Maximize Your Azure Investment and Performance

    Are you willing to adopt Azure and tap into its unparalleled potential to create multiple opportunities?

    Then you must hire dedicated Azure developers.

    The Azure professionals help you surpass the ABCs and move toward expert-level practices.

    They translate your Azure initiatives into transformative strategies that empower your business to tap into new opportunities and pave the way for cloud computing success.

    Because You Need Effortless Azure Integration and Migration

    Are you stuck with your legacy system despite its declining performance?

    Do you fear cloud migration due to security or downtime concerns?

    We understand the gravity of your concerns.

    Migrating to Azure is not a decision to be taken casually. It needs a lot of preparation, Plan B and C, careful planning, and a deep understanding of Azure technology.

    This is where the Azure developers walk in the picture.

    The pre-vetted Microsoft Azure professionals put all your Azure integration and migration worries to rest by anticipating the unique challenges, creating a safety net to fall back on, and meticulously planning every step of the way.

    Because You Don’t Need Poor Service Delivery

    Overpromises and under-deliveries, we all have been there.

    But why settle for mediocrity when you can have excellence by your side?

    When you hire Azure developers who are professional, they set reasonable expectations, and usually knock them out of the park with over-deliveries.

    Imagine having a team that not only meets timelines but exceeds them, that not only delivers promises but consistently goes above and beyond to guarantee your success – that’s what an expert team Azure developers does for you.

    Long story short: An investment in Microsoft Windows Azure professionals brings you avenues like trust, guaranteed success, seamless transition and integration, and navigating each corner of Azure with confidence.

    So, if you’re serious about going ahead with Azure, look to hire Azure DevOps developers today.

    Up next, let’s quickly brush up on who are Azure Cloud developers and what can they do for you.

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    Who Are Azure Developers & What Do They Do?

    An Azure developer is a professional who designs cloud-based applications and services leveraging the Azure infrastructure.

    They closely work with Azure Administrators, Azure Engineers, Azure Architects, clients, and operations teams for effortless development, deployment, and optimization of Azure solutions.

    What Is the Role of an Azure Developer?

    When you decide to hire Azure developers, it’s crucial to know what to expect of them and how their work contributes to the overall goals of your organization.

    Roles and Responsibilities of Microsoft Azure Developers Include:

    • Collaboration with the Technology Officer and stakeholders to define project requirements, estimate development costs, and secure a plan of action.
    • Using Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET Web API and Azure to develop, design, and enhance existing components, applications, and database objects.
    • Generating prototypes to support the proposed ideas and seek input from CTOs, stakeholders, and clients.
    • Carrying out migration and integration processes and running test-driven development.
    • Converting high-level designs to low-level designs and implementing them effectively.
    • Running integration and unit tests on the generated code throughout the development lifecycle.
    • Collaborating with Quality Assurance developers to address issue reporting, identify bugs, and ensure quality.
    • Benchmarking application code proactively to prevent performance and scalability concerns.
    • Supporting the operations team with application deployment and troubleshooting any environmental issues encountered.
    • Providing support to other teams in troubleshooting issues with the integration of multiple components.
    • Participating in all phases of development, from solution, design to development and deployment, to testing and maintenance.

    Now you know why you need a talented Microsoft Azure developer and what to expect of them—but how do you find one?

    We’ll get there.

    But first, let’s understand the key skills required when hiring dedicated Azure developers.

    Skills to Look for When Hiring Azure Cloud Developers

    Azure developers

    In the IT industry, these Microsoft Azure developers’ skills are highly prized as businesses, such as yours, increasingly rely on Azure for scalability, efficient data management, and secure workloads.

    Pro tip for recruiter: Look for someone with the core competencies, over a master of cutting-edge technologies. While staying updated with the latest technologies is important, having a strong Azure foundation is more crucial.

    If you are serious about hiring developers for Azure, it’s crucial to discern the right moment to initiate the process.

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    Moving on, let’s look at clear indicators that signal the need to hire Azure services developer.

    When Does It Make Sense to Hire Azure Developers?

    Hiring dedicated Azure cloud developers is the answer to your cloud computing success, but when is the right time to bring them on board?

    Let us consider various scenarios where hiring Azure talent is a great deal to make.

    When There is Shortage of Time

    If you are short on time, it’s ideal to hire Azure developers.

    The trained Azure professionals not only meet the timeline but also empower your organization to innovate and scale with confidence.

    For instance, you can hire dedicated Azure developers when you’re experiencing a hike in demand and your current manual process is struggling to match the pace.

    When the Project is Small or Big

    The next best time to hire Azure DevOps developers is when your Azure project is either too small or too big.

    To be honest, it’s unwise to underestimate small-size Azure projects as even small projects can greatly benefit from Azure DevOps developers.

    For instance, your small-scale e-commerce project may initially seem straightforward. However, as the business gains traction, the need for scalability may become apparent.

    Hiring expert Azure developers early on proves beneficial as they can set up a robust infrastructure and deployment pipeline from the beginning.

    Likewise, for larger projects, engaging with Azure cloud developers proves valuable as they carry the ‘know-it-all & done-it-all’ expertise necessary to handle the inherent complexities of large-scale projects.

    When You Want to Ensure Azure’s Effectiveness in the Long Run

    Another ideal time to hire Azure developers is when you are wearing sustainability glasses.

    The talented Azure professionals ensure that your solutions are not just immediate fixes but sustainable, future-proofed, and built to last.

    For instance, you can engage with Azure cloud developers to optimize your cloud infrastructure. They ensure your system is running at its efficiency, security is at its peak, and the solutions are adaptable for future changes.

    When You Don’t Want to Distract Your Pre-Occupied In-house Team

    If you have an in-house team of Azure developers handling day-to-day Azure operations, you may not want to burden and distract their flow.

    At such times, it is ideal to hire Azure developers with expertise in the specific areas you need assistance with.

    For instance, if your in-house team is managing Azure infrastructure, you can hire an Azure developer specializing in AI & ML to build smart applications without disrupting your team’s flow.

    Pro-tip for recruiters:

    • Hire before starting the Azure migration/integration process.
    • Be prepared to pay extra for deserving talent.
    • Emphasize the projects delivered rather than the time spent on Azure.

    So, these are the best times you should hire dedicated Azure developers .

    But let us be honest about it.

    You won’t always need a dedicated Azure developer. Sometimes, an external partner or a guiding hand will be sufficient.

    At such times, you can engage with someone of a consulting nature – like an Azure Consultant.

    Moving on, let’s shift our focus to understanding who an Azure Cloud consultant is and how their Microsoft Azure consulting capitalizes on your Azure investment.

    How Azure Consulting Services Multiply the Value of Your Project?

    Microsoft Azure consulting helps businesses efficiently adopt and utilize Azure cloud services with a different focus than Azure developers.

    What Does an Azure Consultant Do?

    A Microsoft Azure Consultant is a professional who specializes in planning, designing, deployment, and optimization of Azure app services, the MS Cloud operating system, and Azure database services.

    They are like having a strategic partner who shares your goal of capitalizing on your Azure investment.

    Did the difference between Azure consultants and Azure developers leave you confused?

    The Azure Cloud developers are responsible for building and implementing Azure solutions whereas an Azure Cloud consultant is more of a technical help available in an advisory capacity.

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    How do You Benefit from Azure Consulting Services?

    Azure consultants come with a guarantee that you will always stay on top of your Azure initiatives.

    They make it possible by –

    • Evaluating the viability of your Azure initiative based on ROI, Total Cost of Ownership, solutions development time, and cost.
    • Advising your staff and providing expert insights designed to meet your business goals.
    • Building full-proof Azure integration and Azure migration strategies aligned with your goals, timelines, development capabilities, and more.
    • Establishing process descriptions and policies post-migration to ensure compliance and operational efficiency.
    • Conducting code reviews and configure infrastructure to optimize performance.

    This was all about Azure consulting services for you.

    Now, the key is to figure out whether you should hire Azure developers or engage with MS Azure consultants to strengthen your odds enroute cloud computing success.

    The answer depends on your specific business needs.

    The best way to figure it out is to engage with an Azure services partner to get your business’s needs assessed. They will help you confidently decide between MS Azure consulting and hiring Azure cloud developers.

    Need a helping hand to find Azure talent for your business? OR do you want a professional team of Azure consultants to manage the project for you?

    Look no further than Integrative Systems!

    Integrative Systems to Hire Top Azure Developers/Azure Consultants

    At Integrative, we are a busy leader’s helping hand to ensure cloud computing success with Azure.

    You can either let us manage it for you through Azure consulting services


    Let us be an extension of your team by hiring Azure developers from our ready-to-deploy pool of Azure experts.

    The only difference between the two is the level of involvement and control you prefer over your Azure projects.

    Either way, we ensure you’re matched with the right Azure resource based on your requirements.

    Our portfolio of Azure services includes –

    • Hire Azure Developers
    • Microsoft Azure Security Services
    • Microsoft Azure Managed Services
    • Microsoft Azure Migration Services
    • Microsoft Azure Consulting Services
    • Microsoft Azure Integration Services
    • Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services

    If you’re looking to hire the best without bias and stress – reach out to us at [email protected] and get help finding the best and brightest Azure talent for your business.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Azure Cloud Developers

    Can Small Companies Use Azure?

    Azure presents a convenient and cost-effective solution for young startups and small businesses. Because it’s usually expensive to invest in physical servers. Plus, the physical servers may come with more storage than required. Azure brings a great deal for small businesses who want to pay only for what’s used.

    Are Azure Developers in Demand?

    Azure is among the top cloud providers worldwide, offering a smoother learning curve for developers, and is particularly popular among enterprise organizations. This has led to a great demand for Azure developers in the IT market.

    Is Azure used by Fortune 500 companies?

    Out of Fortune 500 companies, over 95% of companies rely on Azure to build, deploy, and manage complex and simple applications easily.

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