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    Understand Why Outsourcing Is the Best Option for your IBM AS400 Modernization?

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    The modern technology that exists today may seem outdated tomorrow as new technologies are emerging every day. IBM AS400 is one such technology introduced 30 years ago and needed modernization. Now, organizations may get confused in modernizing the application in-house or outsource the task. Outsourcing means you can get the process done outside without disturbing the internal process. You may choose to work in-house, but an organization needs lots of resources, a dedicated team of developers, and many more important things to complete the task. This blog explains why AS400 needs modernization and the importance of outsourcing the job.

    Daily, we read about emerging technologies and their potential to rebuild entire organizations. But generally, we focus on one side of it, like back-office etc., and not on the whole business process, say job applications, payment processing, and help desk tickets.

    It’s time for organizations to focus on the entire workflow and not just one, as emerging technologies reshape the core business functions. And to help you out in the end-to-end approach of modernizing the overall setup, i Series AS400 services can help you out at every step of the process.

    What does Application Outsourcing Means?

    Application outsourcing is a general term for outsourcing business processes. The process involves many phases like – software life cycle development, consulting and maintenance related services. Application outsourcing services also includes design, testing, or production-related services.

    For AS400 i Series outsourcing services mean, businesses rely on a third-party company to get their work done in order to avoid the burden of doing the work in-house. Recent advancements in cloud computing services have made application outsourcing possible at remote locations. And this single revolution has given many businesses the option to outsource the work to a range of third-party i Series AS400 services providers.

    Why IBM iSeries AS400 Need Modernization?

    Large organizations often run mission-critical workloads on AS400 software that are older, expensive to maintain, and difficult to operate. Today, many organizations want to modernize their existing AS400 applications to gain higher scalability and cost benefits. Still, not every organization has the needful resources and experienced in-house team to complete the task. In such a scenario, application outsourcing is the best option.

    How (AS400) Technology Transformation Can Help You Become a Cognitive Enterprise?

    In various industries, today’s modern skillset did not live a decade ago—for example, technologies like AI, cloud computing, and machine learning.

    But as the world of technologies is expanding, organizations worldwide have an excellent opportunity to change the way they manage their business process. Organizations using AS400 iSeries technology can develop digital initiatives in the existing business process, thus accelerating the overall process.

    The motivation for change should come from within, and organizations should leverage technologies to make the overall work process faster and easier. They should be leveraged in various industries, like call center, IT, retail, manufacturing, and goods supply chains.

    The AS400 i Series outsourcing services Can Help You in Following:

    Procurement and Sourcing Services

    Today, the procurement process needs to become more innovative and empower their teams. In procurement operations, the complicated process and disparate data sources lead to frustration. Integrative’s procurement analytics platform can help you manage procurement and supply chain operations to improve processing.

    Finance Transformation Services

    The CFOs know how difficult and time-consuming financial transformation can be. So, it’s time for them to adopt an effective way to keep up with the changing business needs, whether technology or business model innovation. Integrative Systems helps organizations in financial transformation services and prepare them for upcoming challenges.

    Talent and Transformation Services

    Digital innovation in the HR department can undoubtedly lead to change management and service reinvention. So, business leaders must focus on the most important thing, i.e., their employees. Integrative Systems help companies become more personalized while infusing AI and automation by the way of AS400 iSeries into the HR department to drive more values and foster a continuous learning culture.

    5 Tips to Choose the Best Application Outsourcing Company for Your AS400 Software

    There are many AS400 outsourcing and management companies in today’s highly competitive world, so it is quite difficult to choose the right one. Do not fall into traps and scams, and have a look at some tips to choose the best AS400 i Series outsourcing partner:

    • Look for the potential AS400 i Series outsourcing partner’s previous experience in the same domain and what special skill set their team has in application building and management.
    • Discuss with the potential AS400 i Series outsourcing partner the process/technique that they will implement to increase your business value. Put questions about their roles and responsibilities while providing outsourcing services.
    • Ask the potential AS400 i Series outsourcing partner about the maintenance costs, support services, governance, and their approaches to partnerships and development.
    • Make a list of tactical business requirements, as it will help your AS400 i Series vendor to prepare a future strategy for the transformation of your business.
    • Have a look at the company’s portfolio, check the projects they have done in the past, and see if the company can meet your business requirements.

    How Can Integrative Application Outsourcing Process Help IBMi Users?

    In the modern world, the priorities of businesses are changing, and they want to be more competitive. You can make your business competitive without disturbing the in-house team and leveraging outsourcing services. An experienced AS400 i Series applications outsourcing company will help you with cost-cutting and make your business grow steadily.

    Moreover, the right outsourcing partner will try to find new ways to implement an innovative solution and make your business application modern and competitive according to the latest trends. Furthermore, the AS400 experts will help you follow innovative business trends, and integrate with technologies like AI, ML, and IoT.

    Thus, you must choose a customer-centric, business-ready, and market-driven AS400 i Series outsourcing partner.

    Moreover, you may have a legacy application on-board that may be an obstacle as the legacy application works within its limitations. Mastering legacy software can take a lot of time. Hence, your legacy software also needs to be upgraded.

    At Integrative Systems, we deeply evaluate the existing condition and develop an innovative plan to revamp your business’ legacy software.

    Benefits of Outsourcing:

    • Gain a competitive edge in the market
    • Manage risks in better way
    • Better allocation of resources to focus on primary business goals
    • Save time, efforts, and cost on capital expenditure
    • Upgrade legacy applications
    • Deliver services on time

    Apart from these advantages, AS400 i Series outsourcing can help you get benefits in terms of increased efficiency, enhanced business functionalities, productivity, and reduced investment. Moreover, you will be able to make market reach better.

    By transforming the overall process, Integrative Systems can help an organization to stay ahead of the competition. So, do not hesitate to take a step forward and lay the foundation for long-term success.

    Share your requirements or queries with us at [email protected], and someone from our team will contact you within the next 1-2 business days with the best possible solution.

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