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    A Panoramic view of AS400 Software: Is it meant for you?

    AS400 is a timeless technological beauty, and you too would agree with us!

    Have you been using AS400 software for your business operations, or planning to adopt?

    Wondering if your business is set to reap the benefits of AS400 software?

    Unsure of its capabilities, reliability and cost-centric fitment with your business strategy?

    Most significantly, worried if AS400 software is ready for the future?

    Well, none of your concerns are off beam.

    A true technology leader always thinks strategically and acts with integrity.

    But don’t worry much about this equation as you have arrived at the right page on the right time.

    Whether you are looking to dive into AS400s development journey, explore its advantages, or consider modernizing it, this narrative serves as a one-stop answer to your questions.

    Now, without any further ado, let’s begin.

    Before we touch base the operational excellence that you are most interested in, it’s essential to brush up the basics.

    What is AS/400 software?

    AS400 software, now known as IBM i is an operating system and an integrated hardware platform designed by IBM. It was incepted as AS400 – Application System/400. The platform was designed with the intention to provide a robust and scalable computing environment for businesses, initially for mid-level and large enterprises.

    What is AS400 software used for?

    Businesses have been using IBM AS400 software to create any application of their needs across diverse domains. There are thousands of applications smoothly running from e-commerce, finance, healthcare, technology, and even high-performance computing sectors, using AS400.

    Now, as you know where AS400 is used, let’s unwind what makes it special.

    Features of AS/400 software that separate from other common computer systems

    Integrated Database Management (DB2)

    AS/400 software comes with smooth integration capabilities with its built-in database system, DB2 which ensures data storage and management within a single setup. Instead of managing multiple, external databases, the software offers an all-in-one database management solution for efficient storage.

    Secure System Architecture

    iSeries software is built on a strong and secure system architecture allowing your team to run mission-critical operations reliably, without worrying about the security threats, with peace of mind.

    Comprehensive Security Measures

    Security stands as a top priority for IBM AS400 software makers. The software is built to offer unwavering security to protect data and resources. It checks access controls, and encryption, and implements vigorous protocols to monitor and manage security threats.

    Efficient Batch Processing

    The AS/400 software is known for its ability to handle a series of tasks without manual assistance. It can process large chunks of data, and transactions without causing delays. It streamlines the process, ensuring reliability, and making it faster.

    Built-in Backup and Recovery

    AS/400 software is known for its built-in backup and recovery system that keeps you ready for unforeseen events, system failures, and data corruption, where the system is back to normal state with minimum downtime and data loss.

    Cross-Platform Integration

    This is an essential feature in the modern business landscape where the interdependence of various technologies is imperative. This feature reduces the dependency on external applications while boosting efficiency and productivity.

    Web Enabling and Modernization

    You can transform the AS 400 program into modern web-based interfaces as per your requirements. Thanks to web enabling and modernization, you can use the decade-old software reliably in the modern digital age.

    This was all about AS/400 software features. Let’s now discuss how the software enhances your operations.

    How do you benefit from AS/400 Software?

    Are you considering AS400 software for your business? Here are its unbiased benefits that will help you make your decision faster.

    Simplified application development

    It is the goal of every developer to enable faster, simpler, and more efficient application development. iSeries software is a tool that makes it possible for developers to meet their goals along with a seamless development experience.

    Robust data management

    Data is a critical asset. Businesses are leveraging AS400 software to manage and safeguard their data. With comprehensive security features, the AS400 system acts as a guardian of your information.

    User-friendly interface

    An intuitive user-friendly interface delights your customers, which translates into better business. The software allows the AS400 software developer with just that. It enables the developers to satisfy customers with intuitive interfaces that leave a lasting impression.

    Cost-efficient operations

    With these amazing benefits, it must be a costly software to have, right? Contrary to your expectations, AS400 is a cost-effective software. Its features allow you to grow your business without breaking the bank.

    Looking to make a smart investment? AS/400 software is just the right pick.

    The AS400 system is great but old.

    Wise technology leaders are driving toward AS400 software modernization to reap the modern benefits while enjoying the comfort of the old software.

    Let’s see how you too can benefit from modernizing legacy AS400 software systems.

    Why Modernize Legacy AS400 Software System?

    ibm as400 software

    Do you scratch your head over —

    • Why modernize if everything is going so well?
    • Why disrupt the course of current processes and operations?
    • What potential advantages might I be overlooking by not modernizing?

    Let’s see.

    Better data analytics and insights

    Data analytics and insights are incredibly powerful, and leaders are using them across the world to spot areas of opportunity. With AS400 platform modernization, you unlock even better potential of data. The new platform intensifies the power of data analytics, solidifying your position in the market.

    Customer-centric innovation

    A team dedicated to creating a customer-centric approach to innovation is set to uncover new opportunities. By modernizing your IBM iSeries AS400, you ensure a customer-centric approach at each stage, encouraging long-term relationships in a dynamic market.

    Faster time-to-market

    AS400 application development is like a marathon in the business world. You need to develop, test, and deploy faster in order to come first. Upgrading the legacy system allows you to achieve faster time to market by leveraging modern technology, automating tedious tasks, real-time testing, and reusing components to accelerate development.

    Cost savings

    Modernizing the age-old AS/400 software version has proven to be a strategic move for businesses. It trims unnecessary expenses and optimizes resources while boosting operational efficiency. As a result, you enjoy modern benefits and significant cost savings.

    With our 20+ years of experience working with enterprises from different industry sectors, we say there are a few common challenges associated with modernizing the Legacy system.

    Let’s look at the challenges with legacy AS400 software

    Challenges with Modernize Legacy AS400 Software Systems

    Modernizing the legacy AS400 software systems has its own set of factors that can stand against your plan. Let’s dive into the common challenges and explore the effective strategies to overcome them.

    Skill shortage

    One of the biggest challenges faced in modernizing AS400 IBM is the talent drain of AS400 experts and the lack of functional and technical documentation. As a result, the modernization journey feels like a journey without a navigator.

    Data migration

    In the process of AS400 software modernization, a crucial challenge lies in transferring large chunks of data to the new system, preventing data leaks, data theft, and disruptions. Your team needs to meticulously plan and execute in this phase.

    Resistance to transition

    When it comes to system transformation, your team members may not be on the same page as you. You can face stakeholders’ resistance if the change overstays.

    Unclear strategy

    In the absence of a clear strategy, your transformation journey is like setting out on a journey without a map. Where every turn and decision are made blindfolded, leading to a waste of resources, and confusion.

    Increased cost of modernization

    SMEs may encounter shocking initial costs for the AS400 cloud integration. The cost involves hiring the AS400 programmers, investing in the infrastructure, and staff training. The leaders must consider the extra expenses incurred during the modernization process.

    Do you resonate with these challenges?

    Don’t worry!

    Thousands of businesses have achieved success, and you too can.


    outsourcing AS400 software modernization to a reliable AS400 solution provider.


    Because the partner serves as an extension of your team, optimizing your resources, cutting costs, streamlining the internal IT process, improving quality, and bettering performance.

    Still skeptical?

    Let’s see how the AS400 software solutions provider helps you overcome the challenges and makes the most of your AS/400 initiatives.

    How AS400 software solutions provider help you overcome the challenges?

    AS400 Software Solutions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Who uses AS400?

    Ans: From agriculture to aerospace, most industries use the AS400 platform for multiple reasons.

    Let’s see some of the leading industries:

    Finance and banking: Security and efficiency

    Healthcare: Data compliance and security

    Insurance: Policy Management

    Telecommunications: Billing and CRM

    Government: Security and efficiency

    Education: Data management and administration

    2. What is the current name of AS/400 software?

    Ans: IBM has combined the AS400 software and hardware and launched IBM i Systems or iSeries to meet your needs.  

    Integrative Systems: Your Reliable AS400 software Solutions Provider  

    We are Integrative Systems, your dedicated AS400 solutions partner with 20+ years of IBM i experience. Our solutions combine AS400 software development, iSeries consulting, and AS400 software modernization

    If you are looking for a technology partner to help you out with your IBM i initiative, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] and our experts shall guide you on the right path.

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