Importance of Power BI consulting services in 2023

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    Power BI Consulting Services – Access to Actionable Insights

    We are in 2024, where companies are promoting data culture and transforming their data analytics game!

    In this data age, if you are skeptical about hiring Power BI consulting services, then you are either overthinking your data initiatives or simply creating leeway for your competitors to bypass you!

    Don’t believe us?

    Here’s how your competitors are using their data.

    They are thriving based on the insights that are actionable and making well-informed decisions backed by data.

    And, do you know how they are able to do it?


    • They have data on the current industry trends
    • They have data on customer experience
    • They have data on technology usage
    • They have data on productivity
    • They have data on employees

    There is almost nothing that they don’t have data on.

    It’s time to realize the power of data and the impact it creates on business growth.

    Power BI is a fantastic tool for any business. It is a resource that can produce maximum results with proper implementation and data extraction from all sources.

    Now, the question remains – Why invest in Power BI consulting services?

    One line answer to this question is – To make the most out of your business intelligence initiative and Power BI investments.

    When you are working with Microsoft Power BI consultants, they bring you the leverage –

    • To create data stories with advanced analytics
    • To make your in-house team sustainable with Power BI usage
    • To upkeep with the latest trends and updates released by Microsoft

    The list doesn’t end here, there is more to it.

    These glimpses will help you get a heads-up on how Power BI consulting improves your business efficiency and productivity.

    Still, have second thoughts?

    Let’s dive deeper into it!

    What is Power BI Consulting?

    Power BI consulting services entail support with customizing and implementing a Power BI platform and efficiently modernizing an existing Power BI solution.

    As a result, organizations can transform their raw information into accurate analytical insights with rich visualizations and engaging dashboards.

    Why Should You Use Power BI Consulting?


    This is a prime question!

    It’s known to all that Power BI implementation is no rocket science.

    It is way too much simpler than any other business intelligence tool available in the market and most opted for by businesses.

    According to a report by Gartner Magic Quadrant on Analytics and Business Intelligence, Microsoft is evolving as a “Leader” overtaking its competitors, consequently for the 14th time in a row. 

    If so, with the plug-and-play in the game, why on earth do you need Power BI consulting services?

    One line answer to this question is – to improve your chances of success with Power BI implementation and execution!

    Hold on!

    We know that the next question would be – What magic does a Microsoft Power BI consultant do that we ourselves couldn’t?

    Fair enough!

    Well, there is no magic involved as we are talking numbers and analytics!

    So, what a Power BI consultant does is, they bring in experience in anticipating, mitigating, accepting, and reacting to data pulling difficulties from various databases and data sources.

    They bring in knowledge and expertise in Power BI implementation, planning, execution, and support.

    Not enough?

    Here are five rock-solid reasons why you should hire Microsoft Power BI consultants – we hope this will solve the riddle for you!

    They fill in with the required expertise

    No matter if you have an in-house team to support your data initiative or simply have no one to do the part, Microsoft Power BI consultants can be relied upon in both cases.

    If you have an in-house data team with limited exposure to Power BI practices, Power BI consultants ensure that they –

    • Train the in-house data team to use Power BI effectively
    • Guide them in building dashboards, visualizations, and reports
    • Create compelling data stories with advanced analytics
    • Put the latest of updates from Microsoft to use
    • Integrate multiple data sources into the single business environment

    If you have zero people looking after the data – do not worry about that!

    Microsoft Power BI consultants do due diligence to ensure that you make the most out of your Power BI investments.

    They create value for the business

    Why do you think businesses are after business intelligence tools and techniques?

    The realization!

    Businesses are sitting on heaps of data that are scattered, unorganized, and unstructured.

    Realizing the power of data and the impact it creates in making effective and well-informed business decisions, has made businesses act upon their data initiatives.

    Microsoft Power BI consultants bridge the gap for business by transforming data silos into actionable insights.

    They use intuitive tools combined with in-depth technological experience that allows them to create immense value for businesses with reliable data insights for crucial business decisions.

    They help identify critical business gaps

    Now, you must be thinking, how on earth they do that, right?

    Well, realize that data is a double edge sword!

    Power BI consultants can bring you insights into both

    • Your customers & their behavior
    • Your employees & business processes

    With the behavioral insights of the customers, you can certainly ace your marketing campaigns and make changes for the better.

    Also, with the inside data insights such as

    • How productive your employees are?
    • When do they have the fullest productivity levels?
    • If there are any business processes that have loopholes?
    • If there is any pattern for error in the business processes?
    • What are the root causes for the redundancy of manual/machine errors?

    These data points will help you investigate your business processes from a whole different, yet data-backed perspective.

    With the help of actionable insights provided by Power BI consultants, you can fix these loopholes in time to avoid future losses.

    They go the extra mile

    This is a core benefit that every business leader will vouch for!

    When you hire Microsoft Power BI consultants, you know you are investing in their expertise & experience. And, you somewhere expect them to go that extra mile – that goes without saying!

    Microsoft releases features and updates now and then – it could be new dashboard templates, reporting features, or anything that makes your data game more effective and powerful.

    Microsoft Power BI consultants sleep over these updates and that’s where it differs.

    With early access to the newly launched features, you are already ahead of competitors who are yet to figure out the updates.

    Power BI consultants going that extra mile brings you the leverage to create an impact.

    They help you attain scalability & flexibility

    When you are thinking about scaling your business up, of course, data is a pivotal parameter to assess risks, consequences, and direction of the scale.

    When you partner with the right Power BI consulting company, they help you –

    • Make data-backed business decisions
    • Understand target customers, and their behaviors
    • Create personalized business strategies that work
    • Gain competitive advantage with advanced data analytics
    • Utilize the fullest of the new features launched by Power BI
    • Train your in-house team on building dashboards, visualizations

    Having access to the expertise outside of your in-house team, allows you to focus on other strategic initiatives and take the business to the desired scale.

    How Can You Increase Your Company’s Efficiency with Power BI?

    Increase Your Company’s Efficiency with Power BI

    Business intelligence, also known as decision intelligence, is a comprehensive tool that brings together all the data of the company, irrespective of departments. BI collects and consolidates information in one place and analyzes it to produce a decision-support tool using a collection system.

    To accomplish this, BI goes through the four stages outlined below:

    • Collecting information and centralizing all database results
    • Integrating the data aggregation, which gives it coherence and structure
    • Reporting that offers an easily comprehensible view to individuals with information access permissions
    • The return organizes the data in a way that is clear to everyone and makes it simple to share

    The advantage of using software solutions like Power BI is that these four stages are automatic and seamless.

    Once the app is enabled, you don’t need to do anything to input or access data. Regardless of where the data originated, Power BI takes care of getting it where it needs to go.

    To facilitate decision-making, the software processes the data in such a way that it is reliable, comprehensible, and meaningful.

    Power BI can be utilized to manage various aspects of a business, such as human resources, logistics, customer relationships, financial transactions, market analysis, sales, manufacturing processes, etc.

    The data from each department can be examined in a visual, interactive, and meaningful way.

    If you are looking to scale the benefits of using Power BI for improving your business efficiency, it is nice to have a Microsoft Power BI consultant in place.

    Power BI consultants extend your capabilities to make powerful and effective business decisions backed by data. With actionable insights and intuitive visualizations, they ensure your decisions are always on point.

    Is Power BI User-Friendly and Good for Collaboration?

    Power BI is also known for its ease of use.

    Accessing data can be done with a few clicks by a data analyst or manager. Each user can adjust or update the analysis of the findings to their individual requirements and aspects relevant to their role.

    You don’t need to segment the raw data because BI has already done that for you. A personalized dashboard allows the user to instantly see the data that concerns them.

    With the implementation of Power BI, it transforms into a collaborative tool that allows teams to operate more autonomously, facilitating sharing of information across departments and users through its advanced analytical capabilities.

    Teams can collaborate on the same analytical reports even if they are in different places. This is because the Power BI tool is available on all platforms and can be accessed at any time.

    Even if you are working with a Power BI consulting company, and have Power BI consultants operating your BI, it’s effortless. The super easy collaboration makes it even more convenient to use and utilize.

    Employees can operate more autonomously as a result of their easy access to data, and information availability fosters teamwork. That access is, of course, secure and protected to ensure the integrity of the data.


    What Are the Many Applications That Help You Get the Best Out of Power BI?

    Businesses get a key benefit when they use Power BI: the opportunity to integrate with complementary technologies that optimize data access.

    Power BI, for instance, can be utilized for a variety of purposes. This enables the processing of data not only within the BI software but also data from external sources using Power BI’s additional features.

    Here is a non-exhaustive list of applications that can be used for this purpose:


    Azure simplifies the interchange and analysis of vast amounts of data.

    When integrated with Power BI, it is likely the best option for preparing for Big Data. Azure encourages communication among all scientific professionals, such as engineers and analysts who require Big Data access.

    Microsoft Excel

    To build charts or pivot tables from Power BI visual dashboards, files can be moved into each other using Power BI and Excel.

    This has the advantage of encouraging you to experiment with new Excel features and take your analysis process up a notch.

    This integration also enables your in-house team the leverage to collaborate with Microsoft Power BI consultants.

    Microsoft Cloud App Security

    Although Power BI makes data access and exchange more convenient, it’s crucial to remember that data security is a legal necessity for organizations.

    As a result, Microsoft Cloud App Security is utilized in collaboration with Power BI to protect data integrity from potentially hazardous behaviors.

    This ensures that your business data is handled safely while you work with a Power BI consulting company.

    Office 365

    Because Power BI is a Microsoft product, it easily integrates with the Office 365 suite. Employees are usually already familiar with the Office 365 application, which allows for seamless collaboration and teamwork.

    What Power BI Consulting Services Can Do for Your Business?

    Instead of waiting for your IT department or other technical personnel to execute advanced queries and BI reports that are typically difficult to interpret, Power BI puts the business leader (you) in charge of your reporting and analysis.

    You’ll be able to efficiently collect and present your data in a relevant manner to generate analytical insights and take meaningful actions with Power BI consulting services. In addition, you can:

    • Increase your revenue and profitability by driving new sales
    • Improvise & optimize your decision-making capabilities
    • Boost your organization’s operational efficiency
    • Identify business process gaps and loopholes
    • Streamline your core business processes
    • Identify opportunities & industry trends
    • Gain a competitive advantage

    What are the different Power BI Consulting Roles?

    As a leader, the cost-to-benefit equation is the imperative metric that you look at when investing in Power BI consulting services, isn’t it?

    You will be glad to know that Power BI consulting can be tuned to the ground as per your primary requirements for Power BI initiatives.

    Now, what are the different roles that Microsoft Power BI consultants can support you with?

    Well, here is a couple of them to give you a heads up:

    Power BI Analysts

    The name itself is very much self-explanatory though!

    Businesses are sitting on heaps of data, but to use that data to their advantage, they need someone who can

    • Integrate from multiple data sources
    • Organize and structure the data
    • Formulate actionable insights

    Now, that someone could be the Microsoft Power BI consultant – acting as a Data Analyst for the business.

    Power BI Developers

    As s business leader, when you have access to data but aren’t able to visualize and comprehend it all at once, Power BI developers can bridge the gap for you.

    Power BI developers are responsible for –

    • Understanding & analyzing business requirements
    • Transforming raw data into meaningful insights
    • Utilizing BI to create intuitive dashboards
    • Building multi-dimensional data models
    • Analyzing data for decision-making

    BI developers can leverage data to bring your software applications to life.

    Now that you understand the importance and relevance of hiring Power BI consulting services, let’s take you to a company from where you can get superior Microsoft Power BI consulting services.

    How Integrative Systems Help You with Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services?

    You can take your company to new heights by leveraging Power BI’s advanced capabilities.

    The flexibility of data and accessibility to the dashboard by your entire team is a turning point for your company’s productivity and effectiveness.

    But to implement Power BI successfully, you need a Power BI consulting company  that understands your business needs and aligns with your BI vision.

    Here comes Integrative Systems – one of the best Microsoft Power BI consulting companies in the industry.

    What makes Integrative a reliable Power BI Consulting Company?

    Integrative prioritizes its customers ahead of its own success.

    And, to help you make the most out of your Power BI initiative, here’s what Integrative does:

    • Understands & aligns with your vision for BI initiative
    • Becomes an extension of your in-house team with apt expertise
    • Trains your in-house team on using Power BI effectively
    • Utilizes the latest features & upgrades launched by Microsoft to your advantage
    • Helps you gain a competitive advantage with distinguishing insights and data points
    • Helps you identify trends and patterns for rooting issues in your business processes
    • Helps you understand your customer behavior and create personalized marketing strategies to excel and propel

    Ready to take your business to the next level?

    Drop us a line at [email protected] to discuss your business goals and needs!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does a Power BI consultant do?

    Ans: A Microsoft Power BI consultant helps you optimize your business processes with comprehensive data analytics and actionable insights. They closely monitor the business data, help you trace patterns for rooting business problems, and provide actionable data points to make effective business decisions and contribute to overall business growth.

    How much does a Power BI consultant charge?

    Ans: The price point varies depending on your business requirements and BI initiatives.

    Microsoft Power BI consultants serve different roles depending on your business needs. And, the costs may differ on the basis of how you engage the consulting services.

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