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    Top AS400 DB2 Questions Answered for CIOs and CTOs

    Looking for a reliable data management system to manage your data?

    Read these frequently asked questions about AS400 DB2 or AS400 database – a popular data management system by decision-makers and decide yourself.

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    1. What Is AS400 DB2? What Purpose Does It Serve?

    DB2 is a database management system also referred to as DB2 AS400. It is known for its multi-support and security components.

    AS400 Db2, or Database 2, is a group of relational database products designed and offered by IBM.

    You may wonder, why is it called relational.

    Well, because everything in this database is a relation, hence it is called relational.

    DB2 for IBM i has been empowering enterprises to small-sized companies to design data models that are easily accessible through queries.

    To serve this purpose, IBM introduced an English-like Structured Query Language (SQL). The language enables easy creation of data sets and tables to access and manipulate the data organized.

    Talking about the uses of DB2 on AS400, there are plenty of them.

    • The primary use of IBM AS400 DB2 is efficient data storage and recovery. It is highly suitable for dealing with large volumes of structured data.
    • AS400 database is also used to generate insights and execute data analysis by using SQL to run complex queries on the available data.
    • Additionally, Database 2 is used for data integration. It can be seamlessly integrated with other systems, databases, and applications to enable data sharing and streamline operations.

    2. Does DB2 Run on AS400? And What Are the Advantages of This Combination for My Database Solutions?

    Many AS 400 users are under the misconception that DB2 and AS-400 are the same.

    They are as different as the chef and his/her kitchen. Database 2 runs on AS/400 to store, manage, and organize data for various applications and processes. Moreover, the AS400 Db2 shares great compatibility with Windows, Linux, and Unix.

    There are various advantages of this combination, including:

    • AS400 is known for its reliable software and hardware architecture. Its impact gets doubled when paired with DB2, enabling a one-stop, reliable database environment.
    • AS-400 is renowned for its limitless scalability for catering to changing processing needs. With IBM AS400 DB2, you are empowered to manage the growing data needs, making it ideal for SMEs.
    • The combination of AS400 Db2 database delivers high performance as it includes standardized query optimization techniques, properly designed indexes, reduced need to read data from disk, and dividing the workload among multiple processors.
    • DB2 for AS/400 databases offers robust built-in security features that make data protection easier.

    What measures should I take to protect my valuable data, you may ask?

    To answer: You can set up end-to-end encryption, periodic auditing, and role-based access control to shield your data from cyber threats.

    3. What Type of Database Does AS400 Use and How Does It Compare to Other Database Management Systems?

    IBM i has an integrated database – IBM AS400 DB2 which is a powerful relational database engine closely integrated with the AS 400 hardware and software.

    Let’s dive deep into the features of DB2 for IBM i and see what it holds for you:

    • The new version of Database 2 is armed with AI-dedicated capabilities designed to manage and structure intricate data.
    • Db2 for IBM i extends support to private and cloud ecosystems.
    • It makes a better choice if you are an IBM i user as Db2 for IBM i is tightly combined with the IBM i operating system.
    • DB2 on AS400 comes with data compression technology to help your business minimize storage requirements, leading to cost savings and smoother performance.
    • AS400 database is also known for its ability to efficiently manage large data sets, ensuring faster and more responsive data operations.

    4. What Is the Difference Between AS400 DB2 And SQL?

    Database 2 and SQL (Structured query language) are 2 different sides of the same pole; thus, they are not directly comparable. Each of them serves different needs for your database management needs.

    Let’s look at them one by one.

    A. AS400 DB2 database

    DB2 is a software solution by IBM, designed as a database management system. It offers one-stop tools and infrastructure for AS 400 users to create, manage, and store databases efficiently.

    There are multiple versions of DB2 designed for different needs:

    – Db2 for LUW (Linux, Unix, and Windows)

    – Db2 for z/OS (mainframes DB2)

    – Db2 for IBM i (formerly known as DB2 for AS400 databases)

    DB2 and SQL complete each other in the world of database management in multiple ways.

    B. SQL (Structured Query Language)

    SQL is a standardized programming language. It enables your team with a common set of commands to perform functions like data defining, manipulating, querying, and controlling access. It is employed to communicate with a variety of Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS)

    SQL makes it possible for developers to write specific queries to execute on different RDBMS platforms consistently.

    You need both AS400 DB2 and SQL to efficiently deal with IBM i data files and SQL tables.

    5. What Type of DBMS Is Db2? And What Advantages Does This Bring to My Data Management Strategy?

    There is a variety of DBMSs including, relational databases, object-oriented databases, hierarchical databases, network databases, and graph databases, etc.

    IBM DB2 AS400 falls under the relational databases category because it stores and provides access to different data points that are related to each other.
    It is based on the relational model which makes it easy to see and understand how your diverse data structures are related to each other.

    Let’s look at the key advantages that AS400 DB2 brings to your business.

    Structured data management

    Businesses like yours need structured data management for a variety of needs such as better efficiency and improved decision-making. AS400 database allows you to easily maintain and manage the data, facilitating data consistency, efficient data management, and enhanced decision-making.

    Data security

    Today, when data security is a primary concern for most business leaders, DB2 for AS/400 databases offers a sense of relief with its reliable security features such as end-to-end encryption, and user access controls.

    6. Can AS400 Databases Be Integrated with My Existing Systems and Applications Seamlessly?

    Do you have an existing system that you want to integrate with DB2 on AS400?

    It is possible to achieve the integration.

    However, the success rate depends on various factors such as compatibility, level of security, shape of your existing system, and more.

    Ask yourself these 5 questions to decide better:

    1. Are my existing systems and applications compatible with AS 400 databases in terms of data formats and protocols?

    2. Do AS/400 databases provide APIs or connectors for integration with my existing systems?

    3. What is the strategy for data synchronization between AS400 database and my existing systems?

    4. How will I manage security and authentication to protect data during the integration?

    5. Can the AS 400 database meet the performance and scalability requirements of my existing systems?

    Answer these questions carefully and determine the integration compatibility, yourself. It’s recommended to seek help from AS400 consulting experts who have the precise know how of the context.

    7. Can AS400 Databases Be Hosted on the Cloud, And What Are the Advantages of Doing So?

    Yes! Visionary business leaders are popularly preferring the cloud to host their IBM AS400 db2.


    Here are the top 3 reasons why you should leave your on-premises AS400 db2 database behind and embrace the cloud.

    Unparalleled Scalability

    The modern business landscape demands high scalability. The cloud platforms offer exceptional scalability allowing you to meet your dynamic business needs effortlessly.

    Cost Efficiency

    Businesses operating on cloud computing save a minimum of 20% yearly on infrastructure costs, as per BigID.

    Instead of upholding the old on-premises AS-400 infrastructure, hardware maintenance, and more you can simply leverage efficient cloud services and spend only on the resources you used.

    Easier Accessibility

    Well-designed, accessible websites fast-forward the delivery of information and services. Cloud brings you the advantage of accessing from anywhere, anytime along with improved productivity and efficiency.

    There are immense advantages to hosting your IBM DB2 AS400 on the cloud.

    However, each business has unique needs, so it is essential to consult a reliable service provider to gauge the challenges, identify the gaps, and implement a suitable AS400 database migration strategy.

    8. Why AS400 DB2 Is the Future of Database Technology?

    DB2 competes with multiple top brands of RDBMS. Its unique strength is its impressive integration with IBM POWER8 server architecture. This position allows it to maintain a stable and unchanged future.

    The audience that will continue to use DB2 for AS/400 databases will mostly be legacy users and small and mid-sized businesses, users with applications tightly integrated with DB2 for IBM i, and businesses without the need for immediate migration.

    Wait! There’s more to it.

    With cloud migration the future of IBM DB2 for AS400 has brightened and become more promising. The cloud environments provide seamless integration with other systems, robust security measures, and adaptation to the evolving technology trends, ensuring the long-term relevance of AS400 database.

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