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    How ASP NET Core Development Company Ensures Success for Banking & Financial Sectors?

    The commercial banking and finance industry is one of the biggest industries by revenue in the USA in 2024.

    Did you know?

    USA’s retail banking market size is expected to increase by $91.47 billion between 2023 and 2028.

    With private institutions making banking policy and diversity and dept in the banking sector, the US banking sector stands like an elder brother in the world economy.

    The industry is also undergoing a period of massive competition.

    And to remain competitive and relevant, your banking and financial organization must evolve, refine, and adapt to the business processes.

    A great way to achieve this is with cutting-edge technologies like ASP NET Core development.

    ASP NET Core is an application development framework, the latest open-source platform introduced by Microsoft as an upgraded version of Microsoft ASP.NET.

    This modernized version of ASP.NET empowers ASP NET Core developers to develop multi-tasking, feature-rich, fast, and smooth applications that assist in addressing modern-day challenges within the financial and banking sectors.

    Other than banking and finance, ASP Dot NET Core platform is highly leveraged to create applications for Education, Health, Government, Marketing and Advertising, and many other industries.

    So, what will you read today?

    • ASP.NET Core development: A Quick Overview
    • How has ASP.NET Core development revolutionized banking and financial industries?
    • Why are business leaders choosing to invest in ASP.NET Core and you should too?
    • How does partnership with the ASP NET Core development company prove beneficial?
    • And much more on your way.

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        But First, What is ASP.NET Core Development?

        ASP NET Core application development is an evolution of ASP.NET, and is a cross-platform, open-source, and high-performance framework designed to build modern, inter-connected, and cloud-enabled apps.

        Wondering what applications you can build using ASP.NET Core?

        With ASP.NET Core, you can develop a range of banking and finance applications including:

        • Trading platforms
        • Payment gateways
        • Mobile banking apps
        • Online banking portals
        • Blockchain applications
        • Loan management systems
        • Financial management systems
        • Customer Relationship Management systems, and much more.

        It is a perfect mix of web development models needed to develop robust mobile and web applications for your finance and banking enterprise. Although the framework was introduced in 2016, its evolution since then has been remarkable.

        As a result, it has become a preferred choice for developing modern web applications, even in the banking and financial sectors.

        Today various industries are using .NET Core to create mobile and web applications.

        Did you know?

        • Currently there are over 93, 872 websites built on .NET Core.
        • .NET Core is one of the most popular in the United States.

        Moving on, let’s have a look at why leaders from the banking and finance sectors have also adopted this ASP NET Core development.

        Why Banking and Financial Leaders are Investing in ASP.NET Core? And You Should Too?

        Leaders from the banking industry have adopted various digitized platforms for its wide range of services. For example – They have adopted mobile Banking Apps to perform transactions and manage accounts from their smartphones.

        The leaders are constantly searching to integrate multiple tools into their systems and keep developing applications on the .NET development platform. These ongoing efforts help them stay competitive, streamline operations, and improve customer experiences.

        Let’s look at the top 6 reasons why business leaders are investing in .NET Core Framework for application development, and you should too.

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        Cross-platform Development

        Banking and financial web applications built on ASP.NET Core can support multiple OS with one-time coding, as the banking institutions need support from all platforms. Moreover, with the introduction of ASP.NET Core, it is easy to create apps and deploy them on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

        Hiring ASP.NET Core developers and using Xamarin, you can gain maximum benefit by enhancing the capabilities of your mobile banking applications.

        Let’s understand this better with the help of an illustration.

        For instance, consider you are the owner of a microfinance institution serving underserved communities.


        Your institution is facing challenges in reaching clients due to geographical restrictions.


        You decide to partner with an ASP NET Core development company.


        With cross-platform banking applications created in ASP.NET Core, your institution is able to extend your services to remote areas, allowing individuals to access microloans and other financial services conveniently from their smartphones.

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        Container Support for ASP NET Core Application Development

        Containers are eating clouds, and madness is with few technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, etc.

        Dot Net allows ASP.NET Core developers to use these technologies, and Azure supports deploying the application to containers and Kubernetes.

        Let’s understand how ASP.NET Core’s container support proves beneficial for banking and financial institutions with the help of an example.

        For instance, let’s assume that you are a CTO of a major banking institution.

        Problem: Your bank’s online transaction system undergoes slowdowns during high traffic volumes, degrading the positive customer experience.

        Solution: You decide to partner with an ASP.NET Core development company.

        Result: The ASP NET development company implements containerized microservices, ensuring smooth performance, especially during high traffic periods.

        High Performance

        When someone says that speed matters for experiencing better performance and results, this is very true. The latest .NET Core framework i.e. ASP.NET Core framework, after compiling the code, inevitably boosts the code and improves the implementation, and makes ASP.NET Core one of the fastest application frameworks.

        Let’s understand this better with the help of an example.

        Assume you are the CEO of a leading fintech startup.

        Problem: Your company’s financial analytics platform is running slow, frustrating your users, causing delays in data analysis and processing.

        Solution: You decide to rebuild your platform with the ASP NET Core developers from an ASP NET Core development company.

        Result: The new platform is running considerably faster and handling larger data sets more efficiently, reducing downtime, and providing a better user experience. This decision proves to be a game changer for your organization and helps you gain a competitive edge in the market due to its high performance.

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        Cross-Site Request Forgery Protection

        When it comes to security, personal data in the IT field and defense is one of the best factors to prevent cyber-attacks

        CSRF requests a vulnerable site from the malicious site where the user is registered in. If the hacker is successful, he may access the entire account and access all your details, change them, and transfer funds.

        MVC uses anti-forgery tokens to disable CSRF attacks. These are also known as – Request verification tokens, in which two tickets are included in the server. The first token is sent as a cookie, and the other receipt is placed in the field in hidden form.

        ASP NET Core development is your answer for protection against CSRF.

        Let’s better understand the role of ASP NET Core application development with the help of an example.

        Assume that you are the Chief Technology Officer of an online payment processing company.

        Problem: Your robust online payment processing platform is at risk of CSRF attacks, rising unauthorized transactions and compromising users accounts.

        Solution: You decide to hire ASP.NET Core developers to implement ASP.NET Core for its built in built-in anti-forgery token mechanism.

        Result: The new security mechanisms efficiently prevent CSRF attacks and enhance the system security ensuring that all transactions are authorized, and user data remains safe.

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        Microsoft has invested much time in R&D before launching .NET Core with libraries like Odata, WebAPI, and SignalR. Furthermore, it also features languages like Linq that ensure high productivity.

        This combination of advanced programming languages and libraries improves productivity while reducing development time. This enables your banking and financial organization to adapt swiftly and innovate.

        Let’s understand this better with the help of an illustration.

        Assume that you are a manager at an insurance company.

        Problem: Your insurance company struggled to maintain efficiency and meet deadlines due to the manual processes, outdated systems, and communication gaps among disparate teams.

        Result: You decide to join hands with an ASP NET Core development company to solve the challenge.

        Solution: Partnering with a .NET Core development company, your insurance firm is able to streamline processes, automate and integrate tasks that were once time-consuming, connect disparate teams, and improve customer service delivery.

        .NET Core Framework for Cloud Environment

        It is always good to develop cloud-based applications if you have heavy-loaded projects.

        Cloud-based solutions are significant for finance and banking institutions due to their cost-effectiveness, scalability, and security.

        Leveraging the .NET Core framework facilitates agile development and deployment of mission-critical financial applications.

        Dot net development services support entirely cloud-based services and applications. Furthermore, if you need a feature-rich mobile application or a top-class app, hire .NET developers from a leading ASP NET development company.

        Let’s understand this better with the help of an illustration.

        Assume that you are the Chief Financial Officer at a finance institution.

        Problem: As a CFO, you struggled to manage your institution’s financial data due to poor scalability, scouring infrastructure costs, and concerns about cyber security.

        Solution: You decided to transition to cloud-based solutions supported by the .NET Core framework – ASP.NET Core.

        Result: The transition to the cloud by an ASP NET Core development company has relieved you of scalability issues and reduced infrastructure costs, while fortifying cyber-security. Their agile application development approach has empowered your institution to adapt swiftly and drive growth.

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        Long story short:

        Here are the Top Advantages of .NET Core in Banking:

        • Banking apps work 30% faster
        • Support HTTP request (modular)
        • A part of technology is free to use
        • Able to solve critical banking issues
        • Fast processing and high performance
        • ASP.NET Core Support modular requests
        • Easy to access ASP.NET Core developers
        • Open-source and cross-platform framework
        • Dot net supports AngularJS, ReactJS, and Redux, etc.
        • .NET Core can be hosted on IIS, Apache, Docker and support self-hosting

        This was about why global finance and banking leaders are popularly preferring ASP.NET Core for application development and how an ASP.NET development company helps you bring your vision to reality.

        Moving on, we will look at the benefits of ASP.NET Core mobile banking.

        How Do Banking and Finance Customers Benefit From .NET Core?

        ASP.NET Core allows you to build back-end and front-end services to support native mobile applications.

        It uses the TodoRest and Xamarin. Forms to build a robust and user-friendly experience for banking and finance customers.

        Let’s look at the benefits of using .NET Core for mobile application development for financial and banking institutions.

        Improved Security:

        Banks can upgrade mobile app development by partnering with an ASP NET Core development company to ensure a high level of security. Furthermore, additional hardware strength ensures the safety of the app.

        Cutting Operational Cost:

        Banking and financial mobile application development solutions from .NET will help banking operations reduce the operational cost of banking. Furthermore, digital banking reduces paper waste, reduces long queues, and saves natural resources too.

        Additional Revenue:

        Banking and financial institutions application development means a robust app that improves the service quality and customer trust in the bank and ultimately increases business.

        A feature-rich mobile banking application means better ROI.

        Furthermore, mobile applications are more engaging in comparison to physical bank visits.

        Better Customer Experience:

        Better customer experience is possible due to the online availability and mobility of the services. They ensure better customer experience as they are available 24/7.

        Here’s how you can give better customer services to customers with mobile banking:

        • Various opt-in and out options.
        • Mobile banking apps are always available.
        • Customers get their needs fulfilled anytime, anywhere.

        Long story short: Here are the top benefits of ASP.NET CORE mobile application development.

        • Better ROI
        • 24/7 services
        • Easy scalability
        • Low overhead cost
        • Speed and accuracy
        • Enhanced data security
        • Improved customer experience
        • Online bill payment for various services
        • Seamless Integration with other systems

        That’s how ASP.NET Core for mobile application development acts as a game-changer for you.

        Now, as you are aware of the ASP NET Core development, you must be looking out for a reliable ASP NET Core development company, right?

        Your search ends at Integrative Systems, your trusted .NET Core development company.

        About Integrative Systems

        ASP.NET Core Development is a powerful platform, and hiring .NET developers from a reputable service provider such as from Integrative Systems helps you make the most of it.

        Hire ASP NET Core developers from our ready-to-deploy talent pool for your banking and finance organization because –

        • Our dot net developer are best at building modern, cloud-optimized, and IoT applications.
        • Our ASP NET Core Developer can deploy the built-in application on cloud or can run on-premises.

        As a Microsoft-certified partner, we guarantee expertise and reliability in delivering top-notch solutions designed to solve the unique challenges of your banking and finance organizations.

        Final Words

        Regarding banking and finance, ASP.NET Development technology is a better choice because of its easy-to-use functionality, and it is a trusted application development framework globally.

        Hire ASP NET Core developers from a reputable firm to accelerate your development process and ensure you hire the right programmers the first time.

        We hope you have understood the role of ASP.NET in the financial and banking sector. If you have any queries in mind or wish to build a banking application with a leading .NET development company, feel free to reach out to Integrative Systems. We’ll be happy to help you!

        Share your requirements with us at [email protected], and someone from our team will contact you within 2 business days.

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