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    Leverage your portfolios of IBM iseries/AS400 business applications to transform your business and compete better!

    When you think of the IBMi/AS400 system, you think of the system that’s been around for 30+ years. Its hard to work with and the green screen interfaces and are anything but boring! instead of maintaining the status quo IBMi/AS400, you should take advantage of IBM’s dedication to advance its Power Systems. The need of the hour is IBMi/AS400 Modernization.

    IBMi/AS400 Modernization is all that you need!

    As reliable as your legacy system is, failure to modernize creates risk and causes your organization to miss out on innovations that could give you a competitive edge.

    Today’s advanced applications and new devices can run on the ever-reliable and high-performing IBMi/AS400 platforms. If your legacy systems lack bandwidth and experience latency, bottlenecks develop, slowing production and frustrating users.

    To stay competitive in a more digital world, businesses need to come up with innovative ways to create value for customers.

    Making your customer and staff experience better isn’t as difficult as it may seem. From Microsoft Azure and Cortana intelligence suite to office 365 and dynamics CRM, companies can optimize their operations and build a solid digital foundation for the future.

    Microsoft specialists implement Microsoft-based solutions covering all areas of IT – modern secure workstations, security solutions, a hybrid infrastructure design and business applications. Already implemented projects reduced infrastructure maintenance costs, automated all processes and dramatically accelerated decision-making.

    By modernizing to cloud:

    • Take advantage of the latest technologies without needing to make capital investments.
    • The right cloud vendor will provide state-of-the-art server technology and related software.
    • The right cloud vendor will provide state-of-the-art server technology and related software.

    Next comes IBMi/AS400 Consulting :

    Working with an experienced IBMi/AS400 Consulting partner, you can avail of the following benefits:

    • IBMi/AS400 OS upgrade
    • 3rd party system application upgrades
    • Enterprise business application upgrades
    • Performance analysis and tuning
    • Deployments across multiple systems or multiple geographies

    Identifying business requirements and designing solutions to address them.

    Planning and managing all phases of application modification or development including:

    • Project Management
    • Identifying all application inter dependencies
    • Design and Development
    • Managing all testing phases
    • “Go live” support including post-Go Live issue resolution

    What is IBMi/AS400 Migration?

    Migrating IBMi/AS400 environments in-house can put a massive strain on internal IT departments.

    A good company’s proven migration methodology can help you get migrated without the pain and the risk. Oftentimes, departments that juggle upgrades on top of routine IT work can take up to 10 times longer to complete projects. From installation to configuration, setup, and management, a good company’s experts have the knowledge to upgrade:

    • Operating Systems
    • Servers (including AS400 servers to IBM iSeries Power Systems and iSeries OS)
    • Tape technology
    • HMCs (Hardware Management Consoles)
    • Performance enhancement of IBMi/AS400 applications

    Do you run mission-critical workloads on IBMi/AS400 applications that are older, difficult to maintain and expensive to operate?

    In today’s world many enterprises are enhancing and unleashing the existing competitive business intelligence and capital on the IBMi/AS400 to gain higher scalability, agility, and cost benefits.

    One of the best ways is to Modernize your current business applications.

    We at Integrative Systems, specialize in IBMi/AS400 portfolios and can help you to transform your business. Give us a call today and our IBMi/AS400 experts will be more than happy to tell you, what we have done for our existing IBMi/AS400 clients.

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