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    Latest .Net Development tools for .Net Developers in 2023

    Developers use the .Net framework all around the world.

    Well, what makes .NET the most loved development framework?

    .NET framework is easy to use, robust, and less coding is required; ultimately quick time to market! And, that makes.NET the most loved framework.

    And, here is something to support the claim:

    According to the 2020 Developer survey by Stack Overflow, .NET Core has emerged as the most loved framework with 71.5 % trust votes by professionals.

    Riding the tide, .NET development is high in demand and so are .net developers!

    When we talk about software development, it’s a collective effort that involves business understanding, requirement analysis, hiring a team of experts, guiding them along the way, availing what’s essential to speed the process up, and executing the best way possible.

    As a business leader, you know your business very well and go out of the way to capture the requirements before initiating a software project.

    What you don’t have any direct control on is the effort to scout and hire .net developers who are right for your project and find the right set of tools to speed up the software development.

    With the increase in demand for .NET developers, the market has seen an increase in the number of development tools available. This shall keep on growing in the future as well.

    There’s no shortage of technology tools out there. It can be hard to know which ones are worth your time and money, especially when you’re just starting in the industry.

    For entrepreneurs and .net developers, it requires intense research to select the correct tool for their development project. To help them select the best tool for.Net developers, we have listed the most common and efficient tools that every .Net developer should be aware of.

    From a .Net programmer perspective, these tools make it easier for developers to fulfill many of their routine software development tasks. These tasks include measuring code quality, fixing errors, and other jobs related to software application development.

    Best .Net Developer Tools to look for in 2023

    01. Stackify Prefix

    A prefix is a code profiler tool from Stackify, and it runs in the background when an asp.net programmer runs his applications. The Microsoft web developer tool captures all the requests and provides a detailed report of all the events. The tool can also troubleshoot web requests that are slow and find slow queries.

    The best way Stackify Prefix can be used is to view application logs and add the correct log appender (log4net, NLog, or Serilog) to your project.

    02. SQL Multi Script

    SQL Multi Script comes with various features that assist you in change management across the SQL servers. Whether you want to fetch data from multiple databases or deploy a script, SQL Multi Script will help in completing the process and save your valuable time by reducing unnecessary steps.

    03. LINQPad

    LINQPad is a secure platform where you can test your queries, .net programming, or any other basic program (C#/F#/).

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        04. TeamCity

        Teamcity is an integration tool written in JAVA. It supports building and implementing different types of projects. It was created by Jet Brains. Furthermore, TeamCity is a commercial tool, and it is commercially licensed.

        05. Octopus

        When you hire .net developers and the team is working on an ongoing project, you need a reliable tool to manage releases and deployments. Octopus is the only Microsoft web developer tool for .Net developers that manage deployments smoothly.

        It’s a deployment tool, and it takes the .net programming packages generated by the .net software developer and deploys them on various platforms like (Windows, Linux, and Azure).

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        06. Chocolatey

        Chocolatey has the most significant only registry of Windows packages. As a result, Chocolatey can summarize everything needed to handle asp net programming and software projects and deploy them in one place by wrapping installers and executables into one compiled package.

        07. NCrunch

        NCruch is introduced to make the coding and testing process smooth in .net application development. In case you forgot to run tests on your project, NCrunch will do it for you.

        08. NuGet

        NuGet is a single ZIP file that comes with .nupkg extension and contains compiled codes and a descriptive display comprised of information like the package’s version number. .Net developers share the codes to create packages and get those packages published through public or private hosting agencies/companies. The consumers obtain these packages from hosts, and add them to their projects, and then implement the package functionality in their project code.

        09. NUnit

        NUnit is a testing framework at the unit level for .net application development. This framework is straightforward to work on and comes with user-friendly attributes.

        10. OmniSharp

        OmniSharp offers a wide range of features like refactoring, intelligent completion, and semantic highlighting for.net application development. In 2011, it was a vim extension, but it kicked off in 2014. The project is fully open-source and community-driven.

        11. JetBrains Rider

        This is a fast and powerful C# editor for .net developers and runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. With more than 2500 code inspection, JetBrains Rider enhance your C# experience and let you write error-free codes quickly on .net application development platform.

        Easy start with Unity

        Rider comes with built-in Unity support. When you open the Unity Solution for the first time, it will automatically configure the Unity to use Rider as the default application editor. Then, double-tap a C# script, and the shader asset will be in front of you.

        12. ReSharper

        To hire.NET developers with proven expertise for an important project is a great move indeed. The expertise that these programmers bring in is unmatchable. But, the real problem starts when you have to switch the development of a certain module to a different person due to any reason.

        Why? – Code Quality.

        It’s not necessarily possible that two people on the same team may have similar coding ethics or standards. Here, to cope with the change, you can use ReSharper.

        Here’s how ReSharper can help you with your code quality:

        Analyze Code Quality

        ReSharper offers you the code quality analysis process in C#, XAML, .Net programming languages, JavaScript, HTML, and XML. You’ll get to know instantly if your codes need to be improved.

        Eliminate Faulty Codes

        ReSharper not only warns the .net developer about the fault in your code but also provides various ways to fix the issue and solve problems automatically and quickly. Moreover, in most cases, you’ll get multiple options to fast fix the code.

        Safely Change the Base Code

        Automating the code refactoring process will enable you to change the base of your code safely. If you wish to revitalize your code or put the project in structure, you can trust ReSharper.

        13. Microsoft Visual Studio

        Visual Studio from Microsoft provides you with live assistance when creating a C# code with Intellisense and is a world-class Microsoft web developer tool. Some benefits include

        • Improved performance for C++ files
        • Simplified test access
        • Local development with multiple common emulators
        • Kubernetes support included with Microsoft Azure
        • Top-class support to develop, resolve, and manage merge conflicts with Visual Studio.

        14. Microsoft Web Platform Installer

        The Web Platform Installer is a free Microsoft web development tool that makes it easy to get the latest components of the Microsoft Web Platform for .Net developers, and SQL server express. The platform also makes it easy to install & run the most popular applications.

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        15. Entity Developer

        Entity Developer is a robust code generation tool – mostly an ORM tool. ORM stands for Object Relational Mapping. This tool helps the .net developer map data between stores that are incompatible.

        Entity Developer is a tool from Devart that helps the .net developer to easily design the data access layer visually. Since Entity Developer is a tool from Devart, they claim that the generated data access layer contains automated code, hence chances of errors in code are minimal.

        The best thing of Entity Developer is that it helps the Asp.net developers to design models for multiple .NET ORMs on a single unified interface. They can get support for all ORMs in one tool, or if you need one working with any other supported ORMs, then a separate edition can be purchased.

        Entity Developer is quite an efficient tool that supports Hibernate, Telerik Data Access, ADO.NET Entity Framework, Entity Framework Core, LinqConnect, and LINQ to SQL. All in all, if you want to design ORM models faster. It’s a fair bet to take when you hire asp net developers and work with a team of experts.

        It offers them a vast number of tools of visual design and great features for code generation to generate professional and extensible code.

        16. .Net Reflector

        .Net developers around the world recognize .NET Reflector as a decompiler, disassembler, as well as a static analyzer for the .NET framework. To make it even easier to use, this tool is available as a Visual Studio extension also.

        With .Net Reflector, the programmer can easily debug his applications to detect the problems. It can also be used to step into third-party code from Visual Studio. This tool also helps in simplifying .NET development by allowing the technical team to debug any code and simplify SharePoint development as well. It also boasts of a comprehensive add-in model that has an API to extend and adjust it according to custom needs and requirements.

        17. Postman

        Postman is a collaborative testing platform that provides .net developers with an open-source collaborative setup for testing APIs. With this, a good testing environment can be created for HTTP requests to any API, whether local or distant. It is available as a Desktop client and a Chrome extension.

        Postman is a versatile tool that can be used for the most basic and advanced tasks as well. Basic tasks include executing rest calls and arranging requests into folders for each service or API. Whereas advanced features like options for multiple automated testing, environment variables, and even a command-line interface can be executed.

        Postman is a great deal to have, especially when you hire.net developers for API-specific.NET development. This tool has revolutionized API processes for the .Net technical community, and its popularity can be seen easily on tech blogs like GitHub and StackOverflow, etc.

        Postman comes with 4 versions, namely Free, Team, Business, and Enterprise editions. With the Free plan, an ASP.net developer can easily start designing, developing, and testing APIs.

        18. NDepend

        This tool is like the ‘Swiss army knife’ for .Net developers and programmers.

        If a programmer needs help with static .net managed code analysis, then NDepend is the go-to tool that is also available as a Visual Studio extension. The developer can easily measure the quality of his/her code using multiple code metrics and can visualize its design. A bird’s eye perspective of the code’s structure can be seen.

        With NDepend, the .Net programmer can easily assess how effective his/her code adhering is, while examining the application’s coupling with a specialized querying language. NDepend helps measure code coverage, supports for CQling that helps to customize code analysis and can generate trend charts.

        19. SQL Complete

        This is another effective tool every .Net Developer, .Net Architect should have in his technical toolbox – as it helps improve productivity.

        It helps in producing properly formatted SQL server management studio code. It also speeds up query authoring, formatting SQL queries, and renaming tables, columns, functions, and procedures to retrieve information on your database objects.

        .Net developers can also use it for code restructuring, maintaining code standards, simple data retrieval, and simple modification and management of snippets. It helps in code refactoring as well. SQL complete is compatible with all versions of Windows.

        20. SonarQube

        This is an open-source static code review tool that helps in maintaining the .NET code quality. It has a set of static analyzers along with a data mart and a portal that can easily manage the technical debt.

        It also boasts of being supported by a strong community that constantly keeps the tool updated while providing additional analyzers that can be used as plug-ins.

        SonarCube can be your go-to tool for setting code standards when you hire .net developers for a prime development project. It’s easy to review code and maintain the standard code ethics across with SonarCube, may whatever be the size of your team.

        SonarCube is highly used by .Net developers to standardize the code and check the percentage of reviewed code which results in enhanced maintainability of code, a better quality of code, and fewer efforts to review the code. It is easy to set up and configure and has some unique built-in rule sets.

        21. PerfCollect and PerfView

        As the .Net developers face any performance problems, it becomes essential to identify the details of the problem. Using these tools, a programmer can trace the performance of the machine to figure out the root cause.

        PerfCollect automates data collection and PerfView is a performance analysis tool. With PerfCollect, the .Net programmer can collect perf trace files and analysis can be carried out with PerfView.

        PerfView can also be used for CPU and tuning of memory allocation. No installation is required to start using it. Its operation is as simple as copying the application to the Windows machine on which performance data needs to be captured. Next, it needs to be configured for what needs to be profiled e.g., and application and it will start capturing without hassles.

        Its learning curve is not that steep if the .Net developer knows Chrome performance tools, he knows how to operate both these tools.

        Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right Tool

        The key factor while choosing the right .net developer tool will depend greatly on the specific task or situation that the .Net developer needs it for.

        These additional instruments will help the team to free up from routine tasks while automating many developmental processes. They also help in optimizing performance and reducing errors.

        A .net programmer, when developing applications in .NET can include tools that help in improving scalability, code quality, code metrics, etc. Also, testing an application becomes easier when you have a great tool handy.

        Let us know in the comments below if you use any of the above-listed DotNet tools?

        Share your thoughts, so that we can keep adding more to the list as we go.

        The Benefits of Using .NET 

        Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

        Being one of the core features of DotNet, OOP organizes your code for maximum reusability. It is one of the core features of ASP.Net.  

        • It offers smoother execution.  
        • It provides programmers with a clear structure for the programs. 
        • It makes maintaining, modifying, and debugging easier with the C# code DRY – Don’t Repeat Yourself  

        Automatic monitoring in ASP.NET

        It can be frustrating for developers to spot errors when it’s too late. Thanks to the automatic monitoring of Dot Net, Net developers enjoy the benefit of prompt alerts when important issues arise. This feature promotes a proactive approach to the development process. 

        Cross-Platform Development

        ASP.NET is not limited to a single operating system as opposed to its base model. .NET developers can develop applications on multiple operating systems including Linux, Windows, macOS, Mobile, Cloud Platforms, Internet of Things (IoT), Containers, etc. It is an open-source platform giving developers the liberty to improve the way they want.

        Easy to Deploy and Maintain

        ASP.NET provides easy deployment and maintenance of applications. The developers can fix individual applications and put them back together using the .NET’s development tools – Visual Studio, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework, Azure DevOps, etc. 

        Types of .NET developers  

        Full-Stack Developer

        Full-Stack developers are like the Swiss army knife, all-rounders. A full-stack developer is a programmer who works on the 360-degree level of a software development process. They are knowledgeable technical personnel with a complete hold on the back end and the front end of a system.  

        Front-End Developer

        A front-end developer is responsible for the look and feel of a website or an application. They are the smart technical architects who determine the structure and design, user-facing features, making the software not only functional but also appealing. They are the developers of user experience, designing intuitive interfaces that impress users and make them come back for more. 

        Back-End Developer

        Back-end developers are the backbone of any .NET development website or application. These behind-the-scenes architects ensure a smooth connection between the back end and the front end, ensure security, protect sensitive information, transform raw data into meaningful insights, and everything that happens in between a click, a transaction, and a submission. 

        Web Developer

        Web developers, in simple terms, are the developers and guardians of a website. They are responsible for building the website, seamless user interface, and smooth functionality enabling flawless interaction. Whether it is an e-commerce website, a blog’s eye-catchy presentation, or a simple web page, web developers use their coding expertise to ensure a smooth exchange.

        Mobile Developer

        As the name suggests, Mobile Developers are responsible for developing mobile applications. Their duty is to ensure the correct linking of the technical side and the functional side. They turn new ideas into applications that we see on our tablets and smartphones. From writing each line of code to playing with pixels, and creating user-friendly applications, Mobile developers are the architects of the mobile world. 

        Desktop Developer

        Desktop Developers are the programmers who write code for software applications that natively run on operating systems like macOS, Windows, and Linux. Their programs become tools that empower us to work, create and connect on our computer desktops easily. It is their responsibility to solve problems, debug, optimize code, and deliver efficient final products. 

        Why should you hire .net developers from Integrative Systems?

        Finding the right resources, like an extraordinary .Net developer, is very difficult, especially when you are looking out for highly qualified technical resources.

        This is where Integrative systems can be of great help. You can easily hire .Net developers from us who can augment your software team in your company.

        At Integrative, we become an extension to your in-house that functions as your own team without any interference. We let you be the guiding light for your software development project so that things can be executed in the right way without any directional flaw.

        We have a team of over 500+ Certified.NET experts with specialized expertise in .NET COre, SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, Angular, and other standard technologies that can be paired with modern Microsoft stack.

        Having delivered 200+ .net projects successfully in its 15 years of service, our .net developers are working on various projects, globally.


        .Net developers may be using many tools for .net application development and a few of those are listed here in this article.

        Depending upon the requirements, you can choose the best available tool for your business. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that every .net programming tool that you use must encourage you to complete business tasks in the given time.

        The critical factors for choosing the best .Net development tools for your business are – scalability, performance, code quality, code metrics, etc.

        You may also need a tool that can improve your overall productivity and help in .Net application testing. We still believe that no tool can replace the skill of the right .Net developer, who puts his best abilities to write an optimized code right from the outset. For everything else, the tools can be relied upon.

        Feel free to connect with us at [email protected] or give us a call at 1.866.468.7974 (INTSYSI).

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