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    How Much Does Implementing Power BI Cost in 2024?

    Microsoft Power BI commands one of the largest market shares of 13.87% – as per Enlyft.

    Its influence largely extends across both the United States and the United Kingdom, solidifying its position as a powerful BI tool in the modern business landscape.

    With business leaders spoilt for BI tools choices, there are manifold reasons why Power BI is winning in the eyes of modern decision-makers.

    It comes with-

    • User-friendly interface, which means a shallow learning curve
    • Seamless integration with other Microsoft products for a cohesive ecosystem which means higher productivity and efficiency
    • Flexibility and scalability for changing business needs which means adaptive resource utilization.
    • Variety of Power BI cost versions which means cost-effective growth

    Does this encourage you to consider Power BI as your business intelligence tool?

    You’re well on your way to witness a strategic business intelligence experience.

    But since it comes with multiple versions, which Microsoft Power BI version is better for your business intelligence needs? – yet another riddle!

    Sit back and relax! Today, we are going to walk you through a granular comparison on varied PowerBI versions, based on the features, benefits and costs. Let the exploration begin!

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    How Many Versions of Power BI are Available? What is the Power BI Cost Structure of Each Version?

    Well, there are 5 major Power BI price versions depending on your data visualization and analytics requirements.

    From choosing the free version to purchasing the premium version, you have multiple Power BI cost options like:

    • Power BI Desktop (free)
    • Power BI Pro ($9.99)
    • PowerBI Premium ($4,995 per dedicated cloud computing and storage)
    • Power BI Report Server (on premium, possibly free)
    • Power BI Embedded (varies)

    Let’s zoom into each version for a detailed Power BI cost analysis.

    1.Power BI Desktop/ Power BI Free Version

    It is a great choice if you are stepping into the dynamic landscape of Power BI for the first time or have specific, limited requirements.

    Business leaders, such as you, are leveraging this free of cost Power BI version to –

    • Create charts and graphs
    • Build Data Models
    • Create Intuitive dashboards
    • Create & transform distinct datasets
    • And share reports using different Power BI services.

    This personal-use tool seamlessly transforms your data into engaging visuals while connecting to on-premises and over 70 cloud data sources.

    Suitable for individuals and early-age start-ups, the Power BI free version is great to start and assess whether the tool is the right fit for your business intelligence needs.

    Once you are well-versed with the key functionalities and aspects of Power BI, you can upgrade to the Microsoft Power BI paid versions, and even share your reports/data with the stakeholders within and outside your organization.

    2. Power BI Pro

    Suitable for startups and mid-size organizations, Power BI Pro empowers businesses to transform raw data into a big picture, for effective decision-making.

    How does it differ from the basic Power BI desktop version, you may ask?

    Microsoft Power BI Pro provides you with the complete capabilities of a Power BI desktop with additional features such as

    • Ability to embed Power BI visuals in Microsoft apps, improved data refreshes for on-premises data, etc.
    • Access to AI visualizations like Q&A, key influencers’ visuals, and the decomposition tree
    • Unrestricted viewing, and sharing of reports, dashboards, and content
    • Access to Power BI assets on the phone using the Power BI mobile app
    • Create dashboards and reports with Power BI Desktop
    • Connect to over 100 data sources
    • A data model size limit of 1 GB

    If you are wondering about the pricing of Power BI pro license cost, this version of Power BI costs only $9.99 per user/month.

    If you are tussling between Power BI vs Power BI Pro, here is a straightforward answer –

    • Opt for the Microsoft Power BI Free version if your business intelligence needs are basic.
    • Opt for the Microsoft Power BI Pro if you frequently require sharing and collaborative functionalities and a robust set of features for an enhanced analytics experience.

    This brings us to the next advanced version of Power BI – Power BI Premium.

    3. PowerBI Premium

    Ideal for mid-size businesses and enterprise-level organizations, the version of Power BI is everything you need to enjoy high productivity, seamless collaboration, and advanced analytics.

    Unlike Power BI Pro and the Desktop version, the premium version brings you the advantage of customizable user capacity.

    It ensures that your company can optimize resources according to emerging demands, offering an efficient analytics experience.

    It also brings you unique features such as –

    • 100TB of storage
    • Advanced AI features
    • 100GB model size limit
    • Multi-Geo Architecture
    • Access to one API surface
    • Analyse data stored in Azure Data Lake Storage and more.

    One of the disadvantages of PowerBI Premium is, that it works in tandem with the Power BI Pro license. This means users who wish to generate reports must have their Power BI Pro license purchased separately.

    Primarily, Power BI Premium offers two pricing options based on per user and per capacity.

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    1. PowerBI Premium Pricing – Per User

    This version of Power BI costs $20/month per user and includes all the features available in Power BI Pro, plus a few additional features such as

    • Ability to create paginated reports
    • Store 100 TB compared to 10 GB offered in Power BI Pro
    • Get a model size limit of 100 GB compared to 1 GB for Power BI Pro
    • Refresh datasets 48 times per day compared to 8 for Power BI Pro users
    • Use more technical features like Dataflows, Advanced AI, and XMLA endpoint read/write connectivity.

    The Power BI Premium per-user license holders are also entitled to use the governance and admin capabilities of Power BI Pro while accessing the application lifecycle management feature of Power BI.

    It also offers on-premises reporting and additional governance and admin capabilities.

    2. Power BI Premium Per Capacity

    This version of Power BI costs $4995 and includes all features of Power BI per user.

    It comes with a dedicated bunch of dedicated resources allocated for the exclusive use of your team. This is your best bet if you are looking for dependable, consistent performance for your reports and dashboards.

    Moreover, it is imperative to Power BI Pro or Premium Per User (PPU) account to publish content within the platform.

    4. Power BI Report Server

    It is an on-premises physical server used to create and view reports on Power BI Desktop or Power BI Pro. It empowers you to view multiple reports on your email, web browser, and even mobile devices.

    It is an ideal choice if you wish to view and access different reports if you have restrictions on the cloud.

    You can integrate the Power BI report server by purchasing:

    • Power BI Premium P SKU P1-P5
    • SQL Server Enterprise with Software Assurance agreement

    Remember that each version comes with different prices.

    The first option of Power BI costs you up to $5K/month, and the second option costs you $15K at the least.

    5. Power BI Embedded

    The Power BI Embedded is a Power BI Premium feature that enables you to seamlessly embed Power BI content such as dashboards and reports into your application.

    It empowers your team of Power BI developers to make desired changes and create a solid ecosystem for better business results.

    The overall cost of Power BI Embedded relies on the type and number of nodes chosen and deployed. The nodes are differentiated based on the number of RAM and v-cores.

    Power BI cost for this version can be incurred on a monthly/hourly basis across multiple regions.

    For example, the pricing for the Central U.S. region by the hour is:

    Node typeDedicated infrastructureVirtual coresMemoryFront-end/back-end coresPrice
    A1No13 GB RAM0.5/0.5$1.0081/hr
    A2No25 GB RAM1/1$2.0081/hr
    A3Yes410 GB RAM2/2$4.0242/hr
    A4Yes825 GB RAM4/4$8.0565/hr
    A5Yes1650 GB RAM8/8$16.121/hr
    A6Yes32100 GB RAM16/16$32.2506/hr

    Not sure if Power BI Premium is the best fit for your BI needs?

    There is a definitive way to find out.

    Create a Power BI Embedded capacity in the Azure portal and assign it a workspace. It will give access to the premium features to complete your tests and limit further Power BI price.

    Did we just discuss everything to guide you in making the most informed decision for your Power BI choice?

    Now that you understand the Power BI costs for different powerbi versions, it’s time to understand why it is essential for your organization.

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    Microsoft Power BI: Your Best Bet in the Business Intelligence Landscape?

    You may ask, ”Why go with Power BI when other BI tools and solutions do the job?”

    Your question holds merit.

    But here’s food for thought: ”Will you be able to draw insights with the same level of user-friendly interface, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and effortless integration that Power BI brings to the table?”

    The choice of a BI tool is not just about functionality; it’s about empowering your BI team to effortlessly drive through the insights and make impactful decisions.

    So, what makes Power BI, the number ONE choice among millions of users?

    Let the exploration begin!

    Simpler, More Flexible, and Easier Management

    From the free desktop version to the premium Power BI cost version, you get the liberty to choose your plan suitable for your needs.

    Whether you are in the initial setup phase or utilizing it daily for data visualization it’s simple and straightforward (a boon for non-technical users).

    Both decision-makers and Power BI professionals can easily access, interact, view, edit, and manage different Power BI content on mobile applications on Android, iOS, and Windows 10 for quick management.

    All PowerBI versions adeptly fulfill your data analytics and visualization needs, minimizing the need for extensive training and ensuring effective utilization of your team’s time.

    Excellent Customizations

    Every data visualization too innately offers impressive customization features. With Microsoft Power BI, you experience different customization capabilities at different Power BI costs.

    Whether you are dealing with limited data sets or extensive data volume, you can seamlessly organize raw information based on your preferences.

    Smooth Distribution and Collaboration

    Another crucial benefit that Power BI comes with is – Smooth Distribution and Collaboration.

    Its solid ecosystem and thoughtfully bifurcated versions simplify your report-sharing capabilities internally and externally.

    It takes out the hassle of distributing and managing files, empowering you to upload reports and Power BI dashboards.

    These Power BI benefits are just the tip of the iceberg.

    It has immense potential to drive your Business Intelligence efforts to new heights.

    Thinking about where to start?

    Join hands with a seasoned team of Power BI consultants who take away the guesswork and ensure seamless implementation designed to meet your unique business needs.

    Speaking of partnerships, experienced Power BI professionals, and making the most of Power BI investments, if you are seeking a reputed Power BI-partner that you can count on, your search ends at Integrative Systems.

    Why Choose Integrative Systems for Power BI Assistance?

    There are many reasons why you should opt for professional Power BI support services from Integrative Systems.

    Here are a few major ones –

    Improved Power BI Outcomes

    We leverage 10+ years of Power BI expertise to convert your raw data into rich visuals and empower decision-making. With extensive knowledge of all PowerBI versions, our trained professionals empower your team to escape the ordinary and embrace the hidden insights within your data.

    Our trained experts help you assess key business trends and provide you with the precise insights needed for desired outcomes.

    Enhance Your Data Visualization Capabilities

    Our experienced professionals help you dive deep into your data, ensuring a purposeful approach. While looking for opportunities, they help you foresee risks and implement tried and tested methods to mitigate them.

    Be the First to Identify Industry Trends

    Whether your goal is to become a market leader or trendsetter, our Power BI consultants spot the industry trends beforehand and empower you with a competitive advantage. As a result, your BI team is enabled to spot new opportunities, mitigate risk, and make informed business decisions for better outcomes.

    Boost ROI by 3X

    Our BI professionals are the hidden gems who optimize each component of Power BI and boost your ROI. How?

    • By creating robust solutions to meet your precise BI needs
    • By leveraging advanced analytics features to find hidden trends
    • By seamlessly integrating Power BI with other tools and systems
    • By empowering your team with the necessary skills and knowledge
    • By regularly optimizing the performance for efficient report generation

    Become a Market Leader

    Our adept BI experts are available 24/7 to promptly solve your dynamic issues and ensure uninterrupted data insights.

    Our team’s ready-to-employ resources and skills not only upgrade your business analytics, data modeling, and development game but empower you with the confidence to navigate through the competitive business landscape.

    To avail of all these benefits, you must invest in the right Power BI version and a compatible Power BI development services partner.

    Invest in the Right Power BI Technology Today

    Now that you are well-versed with the estimated Power BI cost of different versions and the importance of the right partnership, it can simplify your investment process according to your budget.

    But making a rushed Power BI investment call can be a waste.

    We at Integrative Systems help you make informed decisions with our top-notch Power BI consultation and support services.

    Want to connect with us?

    Connect with our professionals at [email protected] for a FREE consultation and thoroughly discuss your requirements.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Power BI Cost

    1. Is Microsoft Power BI Free or Paid?

    Ans: Microsoft Power BI costs you nothing if you are just starting with your BI initiative. It’s totally Free to use and you can create, view, and share basic sort of visualizations, dashboards and reports using Power BI Free. If you are willing to gain access to the advanced Power BI features, you can always opt out to invest in the paid plans of PowerBI.

    2. Can I Try Power BI Before Purchasing?

    Ans: Yes, that goes without saying! If you are done exploring the basics that are offered in the Power BI Free version and are willing to explore Power BI Pro, you get a 60 day trial to experience all the advanced Power BI Pro features. You can explore the capabilities and decide if it would be worth deal to make an investment in Power BI Pro.

    3. How Much Does Power BI Cost?

    Ans: Power bi cost solely depends on the licensing and subscription that you choose to go ahead with. If you are starting afresh with Power, you can choose to start with the Free version of it, till you along with it. Once you are confident to take your business intelligence game to the next level, you can choose upgrade to Power BI Pro, which costs you at around $20/month, per user.

    4. What Are Different Microsoft Power BI Pricing Plans?

    Ans: Considering different usage requirements, Power BI offers a set of different plans with advanced features. To name the list, Power BI offers Power BI Free, Power BI Pro, Power BI Premium, and Power BI Embedded. Each plan serves different features and capabilities. Based on your business requirements, you can choose one that solves the purpose for you.

    5. Are There Any Additional Expenses Associated with Power BI Cost?

    Ans: When you buy in Power BI license, it moreover includes maximum of the features and capabilities that you may need in your day-to-day business operations. Yet, there could be some additional costs that may incur if you are willing to gain access to advanced capabilities or add-ons. As an example – if you are willing to connect multiple data sources, it may demand premium licensing fees to access those features.

    6. What Are Different Types of Licenses in Power Bi?

    Ans: There are three type of Microsoft Power BI licenses: Power BI Free, Power BI Pro, and Power BI Premium (PPU).

    7. What is Power BI Pro?

    Ans: Power BI Pro is an individual per-user license that lets users create content and also read, and interact with content that others publish to the Power BI service.

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