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    Things You May Not Know About IBM AS400/iSeries

    How many of you know about AS400/i-series? May be very few or maybe none of you. Many people consider AS400 as dead, but the latest version of IBM, i.e., IBM power systems, is one of the robust and reliable systems used by various organizations worldwide. Although AS400 / I series is one of the legacy systems, the upgraded version has an excellent operating system and documentation.

    Versions of AS400/iSeries

    IBM released this easy to use AS400 iSeries for small and medium businesses in the 1980s. And since then, IBM has released versions and modifications of AS400.

    • In the year 2000, IBM AS400 was updated and renamed to eServer iSeries
    • In 2006, it was renamed IBM System i
    • In 2008, the system was modified and renamed IBM Power Systems

    Introduction to AS400/i Series Unique Architecture

    Although AS400 / iSeries is easy to use for users, it has a complex architecture. It is integrated with various components like hardware, software, database, and security measures. AS400 /iSeries, now IBM power systems, is a unique and advanced system that can readily incorporate new technologies. AS400 iSeries is designed to keep hardware and software separate and change in one does not affect the other.

    IBM has made it possible through the Machine Interface (MI). It is a software programming interface between H/W and applications. Furthermore, the O.S. in AS400/i Series comes integrated with an in-built database, in which users do not need to make any installations separately.

    Moreover, the AS400/i Series is an integrated file system (IFS), which implies applications are written on file systems like UNIX, and P.C. can access data stored on AS400 iSeries.

    Essential Characteristics of AS400/iSeries

    Object-based Kernel:

    AS400 / iSeries O.S. considers every file or device as an object. This means the AS400 i Series operating system has other special features in comparison to others. One of its features is a single storage level, which assures stability and security for organizations.

    Administrator interface:

    While using Linux or Windows, you must have come across many tools that can boost your system’s administrative efforts. But if you are using AS400 / i-series, you can use autonomic technologies to perform tasks.

    Integrated components offerings:

    AS400 iSeries is outstanding for integration with many core functionalities and tools. It can perform more than 300 tasks simultaneously.


    The availability of PowerVM in AS400 / iSeries reduces the usage of a large amount of hardware. This reduces the complication of administration and energy costs. PowerVM minimizes workload, helps clients in cost control, and improves flexibility, energy efficiency, and overall performance.

    The Truth About AS400 / iSeries Promise of Reliability and Security

    The operating system OS400 in AS400 / iSeries server provides five security settings that range from 10 to 50. Level 10 has become outdated, and IBM has removed it from the latest AS400/iSeries. In contrast, the other four levels are still available and are used in every organization as per business requirements.

    Level 10:

    This level promises no security at all. Also, the level did not require any password to sign-in to the terminal session. And this is the reason for removing this level.

    Level 20:

    This level provides sign-on password security. It means, after logging in, users will be able to access all the objects on the system once it was used as a default setting into the system.

    Level 30:

    The third level provides object authority to the users. At this level, users require object-level access planning and implementation.

    Level 40:

    This is the default level settings in all the IBM AS400/iSeries system. It ensures complete protection and separates the user and the system domain. Moreover, requests from unapproved interfaces are not allowed.

    Level 50:

    This is the most advanced and additional integral protection level that meets U.S. Department of Defence “C2” security requirements.

    More Power to the ‘Power Processors’

    The first power processor saw its existence in the 1980’s AS400 servers. Slowly, these processors improved with time and found their way in IBM Power Systems. The modern-day processors are very capable of running AIX, IBM AS400 iSeries, and Linux. In the year 2018, IBM launched the 9th generation of POWER processors by the name of power9 servers.

    AS400 is widely used in organizations where security, reliability, and efficiency are top priorities. The software is used for many mission-critical applications and mainly for ERP. Also, the latest version of IBM AS400 / iSeries is useful for SAP and Oracle users.

    In the current scenario, several organizations are moving towards cloud hosting, and IBM AS400 / iSeries has also given complete support in the same direction. IBM AS400 iSeries works with its authorized channel partners to provide best in class customized cloud solutions. Moreover, Google has also partnered with IBM AS400 / i-series to run the Power9 system on Google cloud.

    Why AS400 / iSeries is Still at Heart of Large Organizations?

    IBM AS400 / iSeries is updated and modified according to modern business requirements. Major industries like banking, finance, insurance, manufacturing, retail, logistics, etc. are using this cutting-edge technology in a modernized way.

    According to Enlyft – In the USA only, 35000+ companies are using AS400 / iSeries software.

    Significant reasons why Top Companies still believe in the Power of IBM AS400 / iSeries Software:

    • AS400 iSeries is entirely scalable
    • Its configuration and setup make it the most secure system
    • High availability of features and tools makes the platform reliable
    • AS400 iSeries supports both native and open-source language
    • AS400 iSeries avoid code migration at the time of system update

    AS400 / iSeries is Today, Tomorrow, and Forever

    Many I.T. experts have concluded AS400 / iSeries as dead and outdated. Still, if you look at the available facts, market data, and characteristics of the platform, you’ll get to know about the importance of this software and why AS400 iSeries can’t be ignored. Although the platform has lost its value to some extent in the past few years, people are not aware of the importance of this legacy system.

    AS400 / iSeries is still one of the most integral systems for several enterprises and manufacturing industries. All the hardware and operating system of the platform have been modified by integrating the latest technology. Even the IBM AS400 / iSeries cloud version captures the market rapidly and gives tough competition to many other market players.
    Also, the partnership between Google and IBM indicated that such cloud-based platforms are the need of the hour.

    Support and Services for IBM AS400 / iSeries By Integrative Systems

    To explore the hidden features of technology and know-how, or if you are looking to hire developers for AS400 / iSeries, connect with Integrative Systems. We are the silver business partner of IBM and one of the INC 5000 companies based in the USA. With more than 20 years of experience in this field, we can provide best-in-class support and services for IBM AS400 / iSeries.

    At Integrative Systems, customer success comes before company success. And, you can entirely rely on us for your every need or requirement related to IBMi.

    Feel free to share your requirements with us at [email protected], and we’ll connect again with you within 1-2 business days with the best possible solution.

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