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    Power BI Consulting Firm – This is Why You Need One

    Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics software enabling your business to visualize data and share valuable insights.

    As one of the industry’s leading business intelligence tools, it has one of the highest Google search queries compared to other business analytics software like Tableau.

    It offers a vast range of features that can be utilized the best if you associate with a professional Power BI consulting firm.

    You can get excellent Power BI development services that can assist you in unlocking the potential of the data visualization tool.

    Before your business avails of the Power BI services from the best Power BI consulting firm, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty elements of using Power BI.

    Benefits of Using Power BI

    Being a business, you can use Power BI to gain reporting power and analytics to boost your data analysis approach. You can use the Power BI to go beyond Excel and jump to the new heights of business intelligence.

    Integrating Power BI in your ecosystem can help you assemble, visualize, and scrutinize data available in your organization to achieve better insights into the business’s operations and performance.

    Here are a few top benefits the software can offer your business:

    1. Manage Large Business Data Sets

    You can handle large organizational data and easily convert and process the data into meaningful insights and forms that are easy to understand for a non-technical professional.

    Microsoft’s Power BI assists businesses in creating bars, charts, and other data representation formats even with inputs of huge quantities.

    2. Great Templates

    Power BI allows users to use powerful templates that can help them visualize the information effectively and attract more value for the organization’s data. You can also work on a plane space to load your dataset and sprinkle your creativity to create reports.

    Editing the text, size, image, and other elements becomes easier that can help you create the most intuitive reports.

    3. Protection

    Microsoft Power BI offers great protection to your datasets and Power BI reports dashboards. The reports shared within or outside the organization remain protected from unwanted attacks and threats.

    4. Quality Support

    Power BI greatly assists in making data-driven decisions as it gives users access to 500+ free connectors. You can connect with cloud data sources or on-premises sources like SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Azure SQL Database, Salesforce, and Excel.

    It has a robust support network that you can use to streamline your report-making process.

    5. User-friendly Interface

    Power BI offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface that enables the users to navigate different functionalities and access a broad range of features.

    You can skip the complexities and technical knowledge requirements to handle the business reporting. You can use the simple report-making process to deliver the best report from the available dataset.

    But if you want to avail the maximum benefits of using Power BI, you need to choose the best Power BI consulting firm for your business.

    5 Advantages of Choosing a Power BI Consulting Firm

    1. Domain Expertise

    A professional team of Power BI consultants has a strong domain authority and skills to work on different datasets. You can use different individual mindsets that help you solve a problem effectively.

    Power BI consulting firm can understand your business’s requirements in-depth to help you implement the best-suited BI solutions for your organization.

    You can structure your organization’s business data by checking every nitty-gritty element that can enhance the quality of business reporting.

    2. Advanced Analytics

    A business needs tool-specific expertise and data analysis background to explore the maximum potential of the tool. A Power BI consulting firm can help you to provide the extra edge to help you stand out from the rest.

    You can use the ability of advanced analytics features that your organization lacks. You can explore open-source programming languages like Python and R that can maximize your potential.

    3. Power Reporting

    The Power BI consulting firm can help you implement the new features added to the Power BI by Microsoft every month. The updates are equipped with new visuals, connectors, and data models that require industry experience for implementation in your reports.

    The consulting firm can help you create powerful business reports that can enhance data understanding and help you make informed business decisions.

    4. Scalability and Flexibility

    You get vast resources and expertise once you hire a professional Power BI consulting firm. The best Power BI consulting firms have consultants who are experts in business analytics, data modeling, and data development that can help you leverage their skills, talents, and abundance of resources available.

    The consultants can help you ensure data security and import data from multiple sources.

    5. Great Data Insights

    The Internet creates quintillion bytes of data daily, and most businesses need to utilize the data to achieve excellence and business success.

    Power BI consulting firm can help you clean, organize, collate, and present data using different impactful graphics. You can have a better insight into your organization’s data that can help you improve your business operations and enhance business productivity.

    Like Power BI, a Tableau is also an excellent software that can assist you with data visualization.

    Both platforms are the powerhouse in business intelligence used by leading businesses, data analytics, and science experts globally.

    Understand the differences and choose which is the better solution for your organization’s data analysis ability.

    Power BI vs Tableau

    User adoption

    Power BI has the edge over Tableau because of the ease of using the platform. However, Tableau offers great advantages for exploring and visualizing data. Power BI takes an edge over the smooth interface and easy accessibility.

    Share reports

    Both software offers great sharing capabilities. You can use the Tableau online sharing tool where the data is stored in the cloud.

    Power BI lets you easily share your data over the Microsoft ecosystem and enables different individuals to collaborate to create intuitive reports. The sharing becomes easier with Power BI, which already uses Microsoft’s different solutions.


    Power BI offers quick drag-and-drop functionality that you can use to create attractive visualizations in your reports. Tableau also offers the finest data visualization features that enable you to create customized dashboards.

    You get multiple features in Tableau for data visualization compared to Power BI, but you need a highly trained professional to use the features to maximum potential.


    Tableau is highly expensive compared to Power BI. The yearly subscription for using the Power BI Pro version is around $100, and the yearly subscription to Tableau Pro is around $1000.

    ETL and Data Discovery Suite

    The Power BI includes ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) and a data discovery suite, analytics, and reporting with visuals. The overall data analysis process becomes easier because of these features provided by Power BI.

    MSFT Integration

    Power BI offers different Microsoft solutions integration that can help you handle your data in an organized manner. Tableau doesn’t provide the flexibility of integrating different Microsoft solutions.

    Finding answers

    Finding answersBoth the platforms offer great community support and access to resources. But Tableau is older technology with a slight edge over the Power BI in finding the answer to your queries.

    Now that you have understood how Power BI differs from Tableau and its capabilities, it can help you better manage your data.

    Explore different Power BI setups that you can integrate into your business.

    Which Power BI Setup Suits Your Organization?

    Power BI desktop/online

    It is a free report authoring, self-service, and data analysis tool that can be used on your Windows. It offers over 70 on-premises and cloud data sources to help you transform your information to achieve attractive and intuitive visuals.

    Power BI Pro

    Power BI Pro is a cloud-based tool that allows users to collaborate with other BI users and distribute visualizations and reports to different Power BI subscribers. You can use the setup to embed different Power BI visuals and use it with other Microsoft solutions.

    Power BI Premium

    Power BI is not software like Power BI Pro or Desktop. It provides the space and organizational capacity in the Microsoft cloud to manage and share reports. Being an organization, you can choose to apply to a particular capacity based on the workload, the number of users, or factors like scale up and down.

    Power BI Costs

    • The price of the Power BI Pro is around $9.99 per user/month, and the Power BI Premium is priced at around $20 per user/month.
    • The Power BI Premium also offers another pricing option which you can avail for around $4,995 per capacity/month.

    You need to choose the best power BI consulting firm in the industry to help you extract the vital benefits of using Power BI. But, with the increasing number of consulting firms, it’s difficult for businesses to choose the right one that can handle their business requirements.

    But we got you covered.

    Why Choose Integrative Systems?

    Power BI can help you manage your data most effectively; you need to ensure that you have the Power BI dashboard development experts managing your data.

    We at  Integrative Systems have the right talent to help you with Power BI app development, data reporting, and visualization. Our experts have the in-depth knowledge to handle the platform and extract the most fruitful results for your business.

    Experience professional Power BI consulting firm experience by joining hands with Integrative Systems.

    Get in touch with our experts at [email protected]

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